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Many homes today use design inspiration that can be traced back to European regions, or from exotic eastern origins. With the exception of the North African nation of Morocco and Egyptian influences, African style is often overlooked and can provide the earthy, exotic and warm color inspired ideas for those looking for these elements. The savannas of Africa offer a natural element for design inspiration from the cradle of human civilization, and from the furniture stores of Frisco, TX and The Leather Sofa Company.

Like any other style, the African style room may use just a few accents of Africa or it can be laden with the prints, earthy African masks, wooden sculptures and other elements to create a room that could be straight out of the African continent itself.

Leather is an element of the African room, fabrics simply can't contribute in the way that leather furniture does to this style. A black leather couch sitting atop an area rug of black and white zebra stripes, while behind the sofa hangs a large print of a zebra herd on the African savannah can provide the feel a world traveler hankers for. Add a wall color of creamy white for a more contemporary feel, or a lush rich caramel brown for a warm, earthy aura. When coupled with the natural element of leather furniture from our furniture stores in Frisco, TX Africa can come alive in your living room.

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Perhaps your favorite African animal is a cheetah and you prefer this print instead. Colors for a leather couch that will be complementary are our Ademo Buttercream, Asani White, Baltic Saddle, Brompton Carnaby, Light Brown, Carnaby Croc , Circa Chocolate, Elephant Mocha and numerous others. Especially lovely in an African themed room are earthy brown leather couches. You may be wondering what would make a good area rug as you aren't likely to find cheetah spots. Go for white fur! Or you can select a spotted print similar to the cheetah's spots, as well as area rugs in African prints. For a more contemporary approach select neutral and earthy tones in an area rug. Feel free to bring color correct photos in when you visit our furniture stores in Frisco, TX or other locations, to select your new leather sofa's color.

Africa offers a host of subjects for lovely lithographs or murals. Dancers in colorful native dress, gorgeous landscapes with blue African sky or warm color laden sunsets. The choices are almost endless, as are our selections of first quality leather furniture in our furniture stores in Frisco, TX.

To prevent overwhelming the room use animal patterns sparingly, and mix accessories with muslin, linen and leather in natural earth tones. To avoid a cluttered and distracting room use the minimalist approach and limit accessories. This will help you to achieve a sophisticated room with comfortable leather furniture from our furniture stores in Frisco, TX.

If you'd like to add an exotic and unique beauty - consider a large African style drum for a coffee table or accent! African masks will add magic and the aura of age to a room.

Striking African baskets and earthy bowls on shelves make for an exotic and beautiful display. Drapes should be tall and of natural earthy colors. Use a few tropical plants to bring one more element of the African landscape indoors.

Lamps with organic elements on tall bases, reeds or cane for a lighter touch, dark carved wood for a heavier approach will maintain the natural theme. African design utilizes the patterns seen in African culture, and includes plain or carved wood. Totems used as entrances makes a grand and exotic statement for rooms large enough for them.

Popular colors in African d?cor are earthy colors such as khakis, mahoganies, deep red and terra cottas. Africa is a land of color and its textiles and art are infused with colors and patterns, if you like a color use it. It's your home after all, use what you love to make your house a home. We will be happy to provide you with custom leather furniture from our furniture stores in Frisco, TX or any of our locations.

The Leather Sofa Company offers a large selection of lines of leather furniture. We provide over 120 leather colors and finishes, and when coupled with our various lines of furniture, enables almost any style to benefit from the luxury and beauty of handcrafted leather furniture.

Shop with us online, or visit our furniture stores in Frisco, TX or any of our locations for a first-hand experience of soft, comfortable, enduring leather furniture, handcrafted by our talented and detail oriented craftsmen and women. We look forward to meeting you.

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