Arranging Leather Furniture

Short of hiring an interior decorator, furniture arrangement can be a daunting task. Rooms often contain challenges that thwart our arrangements every which way we turn. Multiple entries and windows almost never seem to be located conveniently for arranging furniture.

There is a simple means of exploring arrangement options without buying software for your computer, hiring an interior decorator or moving heavy furniture multiple times. With a paper you create a scale blue print of the room and cutouts of furniture to 'try' in different arrangements.

With this plan in mind you can accurately determine what you have room for. So go ahead, make your paper floor plan and then order the beautiful leather furniture you have been wanting.

First, measure the room and choose a scale to work with. A half inch scale generally works well but choose whatever scale you are comfortable with. For example, a half inch scale represents 1 foot, and a 6 foot couch will be represented with a 3 inch 'model'.

Furniture Arrangement Simplified

Simply use copy paper or grid paper if you prefer and utilize the scale you have chosen. On a half inch scale model, a 22 foot by 16 ft. room will be 11 inches by 8 inches on your floor plan for example.

Next, measure the length and width of all furniture to go into the room, then mark the measurements on paper and cut out. Identify each piece as to what it is such as 'couch' for example. It does not have to be a 'paper doll' replica; you are simply using a model that occupies the equivalent square footage of space on your model floor plan.

Now measure and mark to scale all windows, doors or other factors that will affect furniture location. A black marker works well to ensure such structures aren't overlooked. You are now ready to begin to arranging your scale 'furniture' in the paper floor plan of the room. Hopefully, you will identify several options, especially if cable, internet or other similar hard wired plugs will affect location. Don't despair though if these are a design block, you probably have the option of wireless to provide greater versatility.

While this method cost nothing more than paper the fact is, some of us simply can't apply the notion of a flat piece of paper being furniture. The solution to this is dollhouse furniture that is of a scale you can work with. Before you buy, ask friends and family if they have doll house furnishings that you can borrow for a bit. Then develop your paper floor plan to the scale of the toy furniture. If the doll furniture is a 1:12 scale use a paper floor plan that is 1 inch to 12 ft.

There are times when having 'tried' all of the options there simply is no best furniture arrangement in sight, the room is simply too small for the furniture. The solution in this case is to cut back on the number of items going into the room. Begin by eliminating what will not be used, or that will be used very seldom. You can always bring it back in when extra seating is needed. Keep in mind, clutter makes a room look smaller, so don't over dress a room by placing wall to wall furniture in it. Most of us buy what we like, and sometimes we forget to consider the size of the space, or we move and end up in a smaller room.

If you have the space, use it in another room.

On the other end of the spectrum you may find yourself with too little furniture in a large room. You can develop it over time, but for the present add a little extra space between the furniture that you do have, spreading it out while maintaining the flow for conversation. This will make furniture seem less 'lost' in a large room.

Paper floor plans are not ideal but with some patience they can work while enabling you to choose a furniture arrangement that works as well as complements the room. One thing is for certain, it beats lugging heavy furniture around over and over in search of the optimum arrangement.

The preferred option is to measure the space your beautiful and stylish new leather furniture will occupy before you purchase.

Job transfers, an empty nest, a young expanding family are all examples of reasons why we move. The simple 'blue print' floor plan will assist you wherever you live in finding an optimal furniture arrangement at whatever stage of life you are presently enjoying.

The Leather Sofa Company will be happy to assist you in planning for your lovely new leather furniture. We provide first quality American hand crafted furniture in premium authentic leather in our Dallas furniture stores and other Texas locations as well as online. Give our helpful customer service agents a call, or stop by one of our Texas showrooms today.

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