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The Arts & Crafts Style occurred as a result to the mass production of the industrial revolution. The style focuses on quality traditional craftsmanship and nature versus mass produced goods. It provides an organic and somewhat minimalist style of interior with charm and warmth.

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The Arts & Crafts Style

Bringing the Outdoors In With Wood

The Arts & Crafts Style begins with wood. Wood is rarely painted, but rather uses rich stains that preserve and showcase the natural element of wood. Stains should highlight, rather than hide the variations in the woods natural grain. Oak is the first choice of species with maple, pine and other indigenous species being used. Historically the selection of wood is based upon the region of construction and what species was available.

Traditional woodworking of high caliber is highlighted in this style with quality being the emphasis rather than embellishments.

The Colors of the Arts & Crafts Style

Colors come from nature in the shades of bark, grasses, leaves and rock. Colors that are questionable in the organic world such as reds and blues are muted and cloudy. Shades of brown, grey, beige, cream, mustard yellows, amber, terracotta tans and sand are colors commonly used. Greens are more along the lines of hunter green and mossy green, while red is more of a deep burgundy than red. Muted shades of mauve and purple are used along with black and dusky deep blue. Pastels are excluded in the Arts & Crafts Style.


Sturdy, simplistic, unadorned and linear in construction along with first quality is words that best describe furniture in the Arts & Crafts Style. Like the architecture, first rate quality craftsmanship is emphasized with attention to detail replacing decorative embellishments. Wood is heavily emphasized with upholstered furniture being in the natural materials of leather, cotton or linen with the greatest emphasis on leather furniture.


Arts & Crafts Style utilizes flooring in hardwood planks or parquet, slate or stone. There is no room for carpet with this style. Area rugs are acceptable in a natural weave and simplistic design but should leave some part of the element of the natural floor visible. Simple Navajo rugs with minimal design are often used in Arts & Crafts Mission and Prairie Styles, as are area rugs in geometric or nature styled patterns in keeping with the style.

Arts & Crafts Style Lighting

The style of Arts & Crafts uses very little accessories and utilizes a minimal approach. Lighting is a focus and design is from simplistic to gorgeous mica and Tiffany inspired. Mica is richly organic and imparts a magical glow and warm muted light. Tiffany glass exemplifies the emphasis on craftsmanship and is often seen in this style home.

Fixtures typically are warm toned metals with oil rubbed, antiqued or applied patina on bronze, brass and copper and have clean, square or angular lines with a lack of curves. Metals may be hammered or distressed.


As previously noted very few accessories are used with minimalism being more the norm. Those few that are used are organic in nature or reflect the natural world. Pottery, baskets, hand glazed tiles and handmade textiles such as Navajo rugs were typical of the Arts & Crafts era in the United States.


Windows utilize stained and leaded glass windows and doors with jewel like hues. They feature geometric and linear patterns as well as themes that are from nature. Windows should leave a view of the natural world outside of the window.

Popular themes used in this design are Birds, Deer, Dragonflies, Peacocks, Pinecones, Rabbits, Roses, Cypress Tress, Ginkgo Leaves, Sunflowers and Tulips for example. The Arts & Crafts Style was a bridge between the earlier Art Nouveau style and the later Art Deco period.

Leather Furniture

The clean lines of our Easton or the elegant Hemingway line under Traditional style, the linear Kara, Toscana under our Transitional style, the Eden, Elegante, Gar, Maxwell, Metro, Rique or Verona line under our Contemporary leather furniture style will all provide the elegant clean, linear lines required of the Arts& Crafts Style.

Organic leather provides the natural element this style requires, while providing elegant and enduring construction with beauty. Ademo Buttercream, rich Baltic Saddle, deep Circo Mahogany, glowing Giovanni Limo are but a few examples of the more than 120 colors and finishes The Leather Sofa Company offer's in rich full grain leather and top grain leather to complement the Arts & Crafts style. With a variety of options for legs there are numerous choices to choose from to configure with this style.

Whatever your style, The Leather Sofa Company has it in first quality leather furniture hand crafted with superior materials and exacting technique in our furniture stores in Dallas, TX as well as all of our five Texas showrooms. Shop our site and give us a call, or visit one of our showrooms in person for questions and assistance. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.

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