The Black Leather Sofa

Design in a room that includes a black leather couch is often approached by playing it down, and that is fine if that is what you want to do. There is however, another approach that is bold and beautiful, and that embraces the black leather couch and makes it a part of a great contemporary room design.

There is no reason to shy away from the black leather couch when it is approached with the proper perspective. After all, you do the same thing with the red leather couch. So why is black so intimidating when it has the potential to be just as much a part of room design as any other sofa?

If you love the black leather furniture, play it up, not down! Therein lies the solution for a beautiful room containing a black leather sofa.

Black Leather Couch

Bold Design for Black Leather Furniture

The basic elements that surround the black leather couch are the key to elevating its style. Let's take the basics and expand upon them to achieve a refreshing, clean and beautiful room-with a black leather couch!


Not everyone is a fan of black and brown, and brown includes many wood floors. If the floor is natural light maple, or light bamboo, it is going to look great. There is no need to tear out beautiful and expensive wood, just use a large area rug under the black leather furniture if the wood and black leather combination bothers you.

If you have carpet use the same approach of showcasing your black leather couch if the carpet doesn't complement it. White area rugs and especially those that look like fur are positively stunning with a black couch. Black and white stripes and zebra stripes are refreshing, chevrons and geometric shapes are also good choices with a black leather couch. Choose an area rug in the colors of black and white, grey or silver. A touch of light to medium blue or green is acceptable to any of these.


The walls provide the background for the room, use light to light-medium grey, a slight silver tone or white.

I think black leather furniture against bright white walls with a black and white contemporary rug is refreshingly clean, bright and beautiful.

Use large art, a single large piece tells a better story than walls that are half covered with smaller pieces. Art that include the colors of black and white ties walls, area rugs and black leather furniture together producing a pleasing cohesion. Or use art and accessories in all black and white, and use a stunning accessory for a pop of different color. Geometric shapes, modern art, black and grey trees against a white background all will be stunning with a black leather sofa.


Glass or metal tables will provide a boldly beautiful contemporary room and imparts an airy lightness that balances the use of black. If you plan to use a wooden table stain it black or very dark walnut. Use other furniture sparingly; suave black furniture is most beautiful when it has little competition.


An ultra-contemporary fireplace is a perfect match for the black leather couch and produces the element of fire, comfort and beauty to a modern contemporary room.

Window Treatments

Use window treatments with simple lines and solid color in white, light grey or silver sheen or other light color that is used in the color scheme. Blinds are an alternative or leave the windows bare if you have a view.


Utilize a minimal approach to accessories. Use lamps shades in white. If an area rug or art work uses geometric shapes choose one and display 1-3 pieces. For example if circles are prominent in an area rug, and/or spheres are central to a paintings theme, you can use a few spheres to accessorize the room. Use pillows to tie in the other colors you have chosen for the room and its accessories. For example if you have walls that are a silver sheen, and a white fur area rug, use silver and white throw pillows.


Choose contemporary lighting. If the black leather couch has metal legs or trim choose a same metal chandelier or one with same type of metal trim. Lamps can be of metal or of a color chosen for the room.

These are the basic elements for creating a beautiful room with a black leather couch. Uncluttered, uncomplicated color, refreshing and bold the black leather couch can be a contributing feature in a beautiful room.

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