Caring For Leather Furniture

There are different grades of leather available on the market, and The Leather Sofa Company only sells the top two grades, full grain leather and top grain leather. While each grade of leather has its own care instructions there are general care tips suitable for all grades of leather furniture including the premium grades of leather available at our furniture stores in Grapevine, as well as our other showrooms in Texas.

Leather is a natural material that is 50% stronger than any other upholstery material. Leather will maintain its beauty and appearance for many years when properly cared for. With proper care it is common for a good grade of leather to last for 15-20 years or more, outlasting any other upholstery four to one. Of all upholstery materials, it is the easiest to care for. Visit any of our seven locations to view our luxuriously rich leathers and experience our finely crafted leather furniture including our furniture stores in Grapevine.

Care of Leather Furniture | Furniture Stores in Grapevine

The Care & Cleaning of Leather

Contrary to rumors, a good grade of leather is not hot or cold, leather "breathes" so it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you're in the area, visit our furniture stores in Grapevine or other locations to experience the firsthand luxury of fine leather furniture.

Like your skin, leather is very flexible. This elasticity enables it to retain its shape and look new for years with proper care and careful positioning away from sunlight and heat sources.

Unlike fabric upholstery, leather acquires a beautiful patina and becomes softer with age. The color of premium leather is consistent throughout and will remain vibrant due to its special dyes and the process that distributes the color throughout. The Leather Sofa Company only use premium leathers dyed by this special and elite process. This is true for all of our leather furniture available online or in our seven Texas showrooms including our furniture stores in Grapevine.

General Care Tips for Leather Furniture:

  • Keep it clean by vacuuming and dusting often using a crevice tool in the seams. Use a soft lint free cloth slightly dampened and wipe gently.
  • Though leather is resistant to fading and cracking due to its natural oils, direct exposure to sunlight will cause it to fade and/or crack in time as it will any material. To prevent fading and drying place your leather furniture away from windows, skylights or other intense light sources. If you're unable to do this close blinds or drapes when direct sunlight will enter windows or glass doors falling directly on your new leather furniture.
  • Don't position leather furniture near any heat source to avoid the damaging drying effects of heat that can cause it to stiffen and crack, flake or peel.
  • When spills occur address them quickly, blot the spill rather than rubbing.
  • Newspaper left on leather furniture (or any furniture) may result in the ink rubbing off onto the leather.
  • Use extra caution with sharp objects and animal claws. While leather is exceptionally stronger than upholstery, punctures with force behind them can still occur.
  • Never use potentially damaging harsh cleaners, chemicals or saddle soap as they may damage the finish. Before using any cleaner, test in a hidden area. Condition leather furniture every six months to maintain and protect. When you purchase our furniture, you will receive instructions of care particular for the finish of your leather furniture , if you have questions call any of our furniture stores in Grapevine or any of our other locations.

Follow cleaning instructions by the manufacturer. At The Leather Sofa Company we handcraft all of our furniture one piece at a time in our Lewisville, Texas location. Utilizing premium leathers only, hand selected and impeccably crafted, we are always only a phone call away for questions regarding the care of leather furniture you purchase from us. Shop online and select from our large number of styles and lines, or visit any of our seven showroom locations in Texas including our furniture stores in Grapevine Texas.

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