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Shabby Chic is an eclectic style with little structure and few rules. If it is said to have any rules it is the use of furniture showing age, from mixed historical periods and the use of vintage textiles pulling it all together into a comfortable effeminate style of vintage elegance. It is a style where you can typically decorate for less, and save the money for the special purchases such as a vintage chandelier or a distressed styled sofa from one of our Dallas furniture stores. The Shabby Chic style uses salvaged furnishings and vintage textiles like those your grandmother probably brought out for "company" or reproductions distressed to look old. You can find ample merchandise at yard sales, estate, sales, thrift shops, second hand shops and flea markets. It is a style that is full of light with bright well lit interiors.

Shabby Chic Style | Dallas Furniture Stores


Select well-worn pieces of furniture with curved lines and vintage appeal. Shabby Chic furniture is typically large and comfortable. The Leather Sofa Company's Kensington Sofa, or the Maestro, both a tufted leather sofa, will be a perfect accompaniment to the Shabby Chic style and are available at any of our Dallas furniture stores or any of our other locations as well as online. White or light leathers are the most popular. That said, color selection will be your own preference as this style utilizes second hand furniture in appearance if not fact. Distressed leather is available for those who want to maintain the comfortably worn vintage appearance. Drop by any of our Dallas furniture stores, we will be happy to show you our leathers and finishes available in over 120 selections.

Walls and Colors

Walls are typically white, and provides a background for the layers of soft pastels accessories, but soft pastels are also acceptable. Floral wallpapers with a vintage look will work well with this design as well.


Look for ornate antique frames and mirrors, add sparkle with gold or silver leaf on the frame here and there to maintain the worn appearance. Set the table with linen napkins and tablecloths. Vintage fine china and tea cups have their place in Shabby Chic and will charm guests when serving.

A vintage chandelier will brighten a room with glitz and glam and sparkling light. Seat cushions and toss pillows can be covered with vintage fabrics, and vintage embroidered or needlepoint for toss pillows are a nice touch for use on a leather sofa available from any of our Dallas furniture stores or other locations.

Fresh flowers in crystal vases add elegance and are often used abundantly along with green houseplants.

Baskets are used on floors, tables, really anywhere that you like, for storage, dried flowers or any other use you like. Handles are often wrapped in strips of vintage style fabrics such as gingham check and prints.

Area rugs are your choice, as long as it appears a vintage design. Floral and solids are often used.


There are no rules in fabrics as long as it is in keeping with your decor. Cotton, toiles, lace, chenille and mosquito netting are appropriate. Prints, stripes, flowers, gingham checks or other patterns that you like and fit the decor can be used.

Shabby Chic is a soft style that suits a cottage or any room you want to add a feminine touch to.

The Leather Sofa Company offers handcrafted, first quality leather furniture in premium leathers. Made in Texas you never have to worry that you are receiving a substandard import. Our furniture is made by talented artisans and skilled carpenters using the best materials and leathers available. Shop our site or come by any of our Dallas furniture stores or other locations.

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