Choosing A Genuine Leather Sofa

When arriving home from work, the majority of people want to relax for a while and the favorite location is most often on the sofa. The sofa is one of the most essential pieces of furniture in the home, and where you probably spend most of your down time.

In terms of both comfort and aesthetics of a space, selecting the right sofa is paramount. It isn't always straightforward when choosing a new sofa. The following will assist you in narrowing the features as well as choosing the style.

Consider how you will use the sofa. Will you be stretched out reading a book? Sitting up with your feet propped up? If you will be laying down reading or napping you will want to choose comfortable cushioning. A leather couch that lacks arms for your head or arms holding a book to rest on should not be an option. Choose a sofa with arms. The arms themselves will need cushioning for comfort or plush and comfy cushions. Our Tuscan, Arezzo, Puma or Sicily collections are examples of good options for comfortable lounging as well as great style. Also, consider if you will need recliners in the sofa, or a sleeper bed for when company comes to visit.

Choosing a sofa that is too large can make a room feel cramped and undersized. Choose one too small and the sofa appears even smaller and insufficient. Don't forget to leave space for tables or an ottoman if you plan to use them.

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Choosing a Leather Sofa

Selecting Style Tufted Leather Sofa

The tufted leather sofa suits many styles. It will fit into almost any formal, traditional, rustic, Hollywood or club style room.

Transitional Leather Furniture

Our transitional collections offer a style for almost any d?cor. Are you looking for something more modern with a combination of straight lines and sweeping elegance? Take a look at the Carnation collection with its straight lines and elegant pleats for elegantly modern leather furniture.

The Elegante and Ger collections are just as beautiful in progressively modern design as they are in contemporary settings. Want a sofa to complement an industrial theme? Check out our Ger and Tiffany collections for the perfect accompaniment to your loft industrial style with an elevation in class.

Traditional Leather Furniture

The Arezzo collection is equally at home in a traditional, rustic or western setting. The choice of leathers and options will determine the final style and appearance desired with the inviting Arezzo collection. The Hemingway is another versatile collection where leathers, options and finishes can adapt it to many various styles from the more cosmopolitan and modern to elegantly simple western style furniture.

Have a wide ocean view? Against the backdrop of blue waters and sky the elegantly clean lines of the Hemingway in Asani white will not distract from the view in this color as light as a cloud.

Contemporary Leather Furniture

There is no limit on style for our contemporary collections. There is a design for almost any style among our numerous contemporary lines. From Old World Europe to Rustic style, the choice of leathers, finishes and options will transform the Magellan and Milano collections from the elegant rooms of a European villa to the Rustic elegance of the American wilderness.

Western Leather Furniture

Our western collections provide you with the option of using subtly western all the way to whole range western complete with cow hair trim, for just the look you want in your Western style room. From the gracefully curved Arezzo collection whose very style promises comfort, to the embrace of the Caprone collection's outward sweeping lines that invite you to sit down and relax, our western style leather furniture will provide the signature piece to crown the warm, comfortable promise of a Western style room.

The Leather Sofa Company provides more options in leather color and finishes than any other Dallas furniture stores. Visit our site, and when you're ready to order just give us a call or drop by any of our 7 locations in Texas. Our helpful customer service agents will answer your questions and provide assistance in your order.

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