Choosing Leather Bar Furniture

Home bar, home saloon, or home pub-the name varies and so does the design, but most people picture either a table top bar or a stylish, relaxing space that has all the features of a classy bar downtown.

If a relaxing space dedicated to a home bar is in your plans the following may assist you in both design and budget.

First you must decide upon the location for your bar, and how much space will be dedicated to it. Next consider power and plumbing access. Place your ideas on paper in the form of a draft. You may want a 12 ft. bar but if it is going to make the space look crowded, you will need a smaller bar. Budget is the next consideration and whether you will do the work yourself or hire a carpenter.

When you picture your home bar, and the vision that comes to mind includes mirrored backs and glass shelving behind the bar, be sure to include lighting to highlight the bottles of liquor for some glitter and glam. One or two neon signs on these shelves and on any head wall (if any) over the bar itself will add realistic bar features and some relaxing ambience.

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Design Tips for a Home Bar

If you want guests to feel like they have walked into a popular club downtown, mimic the elements of a public bar including the use of low lighting. Sparkling home bar glassware hung upside down from racks are another classy element that you wouldn't want to overlook, and when lighting is angled to strike it, the glass gleams and reflects light adding a real bar atmosphere and point of illumination. Can lights, directional lighting and even rope lighting may be used with some discretion.

The surface of the bar itself is very likely something you already have in mind. If you have chosen wood, stone, concrete or another hard surface, consider having rounded edges if you are forgoing the leather edge roll. It will be far more comfortable to guests who like to lean on the bar. For an extra element that adds "wow" factor, consider than onyx allows light to shine through, and is a classy modern touch for both bar tops and sides. Onyx is available in slabs or tile but will eat into a budget.

Comfortable bar stools are an essential and will get a lot of wear. Choose the longest lasting upholstery available, full grain leather! Barstools with cushioned backs will allow for further relaxation.

No bar is complete without television and snack food. The type and style of comfortable seating is determined by the image you want to project. In rooms dedicated to a bar such as an entertainment room, you may choose between the leather couch, or comfortable leather chairs and tables. Your personal choice in style and design, as well as available space, will dictate what is proper for your home bar furnishings, it is after all your home and the choice is freely your own.

If your home bar is to have a theme, reflect it in accessories such as framed posters from movies, or framed t-shirts and autographed sports memorabilia for a sports bar. A bar that doubles up with a performance stage for your band can be a lot of fun to accessorize. An old electric guitar strung tastefully with LED EL or copper wire to mimic "strings" and outline the shape and other elements is a really cool accessory in a performance themed bar.

Never underestimate the power of lighting for establishing mood and in today's market of availability, the sky is the limit.

If rustic is your style, old signs or even reasonably priced replicas is a nostalgic addition, as is reclaimed wood or wood aged to look old. Oak from barrels, pallets and old barns are often a low cost or free source of wood for facing bars, and walls. If you know of an old barn ask if you can tear it down for the lumber. Property owners are often glad to give it to you when you tear it down yourself. Old hanging pot racks can be converted to wine glass racks and are an alternative to wooden ones. If you have a winery in your region ask for old barrels, the price is generally from free to $50 and they make great table bases in a rustic or wine themed bar. Table tops made of aged or reclaimed wood will complete the rustic themed tables.

If posh and swank is more your style, look for early century banks, courthouses, churches, elegant hotel lobbies and spas that are to be torn down. Marble slabs, ornate columns and rich aged counter tops of premium wood are gorgeous additions for a posh bar. Today these sites are more often points for sale, but you can occasionally find them for free. Family owned out-of-business lumber and hardware shops are also sources of low cost materials as they sometimes retain stock in an out of date business.

When marble isn't in the budget, make your own with faux marble painting and thick acrylic sealant to protect the finish. This faux technique is the most realistic 'mimic' of any faux designs. The key is lots of thick acrylic seal for the hard finish and gloss resulting in a surface that really looks like marble. Instructions are available online, and practice makes perfect.

For almost any home bar leather furniture will be a great choice from the perspective of durability, beauty and comfort. Regardless of your style, leather furniture will be right at home with your design. A home bar is a place to relax and wind down, you may even find yourself and your friends preferring it to the public hangout you used to frequent.

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