Choosing Leather Furniture for Your Entertainment Room

An entertainment room is all about having fun in your home. It differs from a home theater in that it can incorporate more ways to have fun than movies alone. How you have it set up and what "fun zones" are in it, is determined by how you and your family have fun. If you watch a lot of movies, of course you will want a television viewing area, or a home theater in the entertainment room.

If you like to play billiards, plan for a zone for a billiards table. Perhaps there are musicians in your family who would like a dedicated place to play. A reading nook may be in order for those who like to read while the rest of the family watches a movie. You get the picture, if you have the space, plan for making your entertainment room fun for everyone in the family.

The advantages of an entertainment room are first, it brings the family together. With an entertainment room your son isn't in the basement playing billiards, while your husband and daughter watch a movie in the den. You know the old saying, "the family that plays together stays together."

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This guide is for a dedicated entertainment room for your family's fun and entertainment.

First, you must decide where the entertainment room will be located. The space will decide how many "zones" you can have in your entertainment room. If you would like more zones than space allows, consider if you can add adjoining space.

Planning an Entertainment Room

If you have a living room and a den with the den being larger and located next to an office or unused bedroom that adjoins the space. It is possible to open extra rooms up and extend the entertainment room. A full basement is also an option that often provides a lot of space. Once the space is decided upon you are ready for the next step.

Setting a Budget

Budget will determine what you can do in the entertainment room, but if the budget is small don't despair. Rome wasn't built in a day and your entertainment room doesn't have to be. Decide which zone is the most important to all of the family and begin with that zone. You can always add the music zone later. If you have the billiard table and TV now, and the budget for seating, begin with these zones.

Some ways to save extra money for the budget include foregoing the bi-monthly theatre trip. You can always rent the movie when it's available. Buy frozen pizza or even make your own and save the money from takeout.

Make a Plan

Look through magazines and online for design ideas that you like. Choose the elements of each and keep a folder of those you like. Use your imagination, and encourage your family to develop ideas of their own.

Choose a Screen to fit the Room

Consider space and seating when you choose a television. If your area is small you don't want a screen that is too large and too close. Bigger is not always better when it comes to eye health. At the other end of the spectrum seating that is too far from a small screen can also cause eye strain and lost enjoyment.

If you will be using a television you already have, base seating placement according to the screen size. If you have the space for it and plan on a larger screen in the future, you can always relocate the seating accordingly at that time.

Choosing Furniture

When you choose furniture keep in mind the space you have. For example, if you are going to have home theater seating allow for extra space for walking between rows. No one wants to turn sideways to exit or enter the seating area. Choose comfortable furniture, but choose size according to the room. If the room is small, don't choose oversized furniture if it is going to crowd it. On the other hand, if the room is very large, don't choose small furniture or it will appear be even smaller.

At the same time, if you and your family are tall large people, you won't be very comfortable in small chairs that cramp you. Let comfort be the first rule, and choose less seating if necessary. After all, an entertainment room won't be enjoyed if you aren't comfortable.

Choose upholstery next. Fabric upholstery and artificial leathers will be cheaper to purchase initially, but will have a much shorter service life and show wear and tear much more quickly, especially if it will receive heavy use by an active family.

Upholstery can begin to look worn and tired in as little as 2-5 years with heavy use. With proper care, can last for decades. Leather furniture is the better buy in the long run due to its durability and long service life. Choose comfortable cushions for your leather couch, leather chairs and/or home theater seating.

Organize Wires

Most televisions and entertainment systems create an unsafe mess of wires. Use wire organizers or at the least, organize then tape or zip tie together. Keep wires to speakers secured to the floor or wall, but do not drive staples or nails through the wire! You can also use wireless speakers and eliminate speaker wire altogether.

Storage of Movies and Games

Though entertainment centers do look nice, they are often short on space as collections grow. Choose an expandable system, or a finish that you can easily stain and match for extra shelves as the collection grows.

Use Sound Absorbing Materials

To prevent noise from affecting the rest of the house, sound absorbing materials can be used. Acoustic panels on walls and ceiling will be the most effective. A low cost solution that will assist, though is not as effective as acoustic panels, is to carpet the floor, use thick drapes and/or shutters on windows. If you have neighbors who are likely to complain and have a limited budget, use acoustic panels on the exterior wall(s) and ceiling. Don't forget glass does little to dampen sound.


Frame movie posters, and/or posters of your favorite bands, or ask for old concert announcement posters. Popcorn and soda signs are also a charming addition. Neon lighting is an addition to the music zone or the bar if you have one that creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Having an entertainment room will make home a more fun place to be. Plan to incorporate what the family enjoys. Provide comfort to promote fun and relaxation, and if the room must be developed in stages to accommodate budgeting, let everyone participate in the planning and development.

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