Choosing Leather Office Furniture

Whether your home office is a necessity for running a business, a space for a work-from-home-job, or simply a small area for paying bills and organizing your schedule, having a dedicated space designed will improve efficiency and promote greater creativity, productivity and encourage you to want to work more. The following tips will help to create an attractive and functional work space.

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Home Office Tips for Design

  1. Location-You probably spend many hours in your home office, so give yourself some space. Working in a windowless space in a bedroom corner where your chair isn't able to pull out fully is not a productive work environment. Explore possible locations with a comfortable space and consider potential distractions. If you need quiet space don't expect to get it next to your music loving teen's room. If clients will be stopping by, a private location and comfortable and ample seating is a requirement.
  2. Provide Style-Consider the work you will be doing in your office. What are the essentials you require? If you need storage space, shelves or perhaps a desk with a design that allows you to perform this function to your left and this task to your right think this through. Ask yourself what will provide for the optimum work conditions. Think it through before you purchase furniture, and for the greatest productivity don't just choose what will "suffice". Choose home office furniture for both beauty and functionality. If your home office will have clients dropping by, home office furniture and office style should complement the other rooms of your house that clients will pass through. You wouldn't want them to pass through a warm traditional space and enter an office that is bland and cold. When your clients are comfortable, they are relaxed and more receptive to what your business offers.
  3. Buy a Comfortable Chair-You spend hours in your office chair, choose the style you love and select a comfortable chair. Your productivity may depend upon it. A chair that fatigues you or even hurts you is not a chair to work in and will distract your attention and reduce productivity. A full grain leather chair "breathes" and will be neither too hot nor too cold. Some types of leather will be, but not soft full grain leather. Choose the style and cushioning that fits you to a "T" with custom leather furniture.
  4. Give Yourself a View-Position the desk in front of a window if possible. If a window to view out of isn't in sight, an aquarium within view, a lovely picture or a terrarium can provide the occasional relaxation of the mind.
  5. Choose Colors That Inspire-Colors can affect mood, so choose colors accordingly but choose colors you love. Orange may increase productivity, but if you hate it don't use it! If you have clients in your home office avoid dark or overly bright colors.
  6. Choose Accessories You Love-Don't simply buy accessories for function; choose attractive accessories to create the atmosphere and style you love.
  7. Organize to Maximize Space-Vertical file folders and baskets can keep desk tops neat. Organize drawers for use rather than using them for clutter. If you have the space, shelving on the unused side of a desk makes for great storage, use the tops for items you use often. If the space has a closet install shelving to store extra supplies such as paper, ink cartridges, seldom used books and manuals, and if on the same wall as your desk is an out-of sight space for a printer allowing for more desk top space. If the wall area above your desk doesn't have storage hang floating shelves. Place one or more within reach to hold a phone, the modem, and often used items such as staplers.
  8. Tame Cords. Organize cords with wire organizers-If you have clients entering your office and need a space to hide the wire patch, a small cube 'table' with the lower section of the back cut out is a great way to hide wires and provide storage on top. Just run wires under the back, and not under the edges of the furniture which can damage cords from its weight. If cords must run along a wall use fence staples which are hammered in, to fasten them tightly against the floor (do not puncture wire with staples as shock can occur). If they annoy you paint them to match the floor, or fasten on the floor molding or just above and paint to match the wall color.
  9. Shed Light on the Subject-Adequate lighting will reduce eye strain. A desk light can eliminate shadows that fall on your work surface from overhead lighting that falls behind you. If your office includes seating for clients such as a leather couch, lamps on end tables that shed soft lighting can provide a more relaxed atmosphere. Brighter overhead lights can always be turned on when needed.
  10. Find Your Inspiration-If you are a writer hang photographs on the wall that will inspire your creativity. A crafter will find the colorful and neatly organized display of their supplies inspiring. Display a few of your creations; they are likely to inspire another masterpiece! Family photos can inspire you to complete the account that is a chore. An at home advertiser can frame poster size copies of work, attach to a canvas (if it isn't already on canvas) and place a piece on an artist's easel for a classy tribute to your creativity and an aesthetic accessory.

When designing your home office the Leather Sofa Company's custom and handcrafted leather furniture will provide class, style and comfort to your work space. When you work hard reward yourself with the timeless and enduring beauty of premium leather furniture completely crafted in the U.S.A.! Available online or visit our furniture stores in Grapevine, or any others of our 7 locations in Texas. Give us a call, we will be happy to assist you.

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