Classic Tufted Leather Sofas

The Leather Sofa Company offers hand-crafted American made leather sofas, loveseats, chairs, home theater seating and more. All of our finely crafted leather furniture is hand-crafted in Texas and are available in more than 120 colors and finishes with custom options. All of our leather furniture styles and lines feature the unmistakable quality only master artisans and craftsmen can provide and are built to last. We offer a wide selection of styles from a comfortable recliner to relax in, to the classic elegance of a tufted leather sofa available in distinct designs and everything in between.

The tufted leather sofa, often called a Chesterfield, has a look and style all its own. This classically elegant sofa is tufted and made from our premium sumptuous leathers with meticulous care and sophisticated skill.

The tufted sofa has a place in stately homes, clubs and sophisticated offices as well as the typical family home across the nation.

Classic Elegance | Tufted Leather Sofa

The artisans of the Leather Sofa Company provide superior craftsmanship on each and every piece of leather furniture, one piece at a time. Our leather furniture is always lovingly crafted by our style loving enthusiastic craftsmen using superior materials and superb construction.

The same precision craftsmanship goes into our tufted leather sofa to ensure you and your family enjoy this exquisite sofa for decades to come.

Our tufted leather sofa is available in two distinct styles enabling its elements, with your selection of leather and finish to be a beautiful accompaniment to most styles of decor. At the Leather Sofa Company we offer the Kensington with a straight back and oversized rolled arm for a classy elegance that fits almost any design, including today's more modern homes. The curved tufted back design of the Maestro, with its slightly flared arms and legs provide a continuity in its design for its old world elegance appropriate for the mansion or the classically formal living room of the suburbs.

Leather possesses its own nobility and prestige and serves to elevate the tufted leather sofa into grand elegance unmatched in any other design.

Color is a potential tool to provide a flawless continuity between your new tufted leather sofa and the style of the room. An example of how color can change the way the leather sofa is perceived is best illustrated by how many persons when gazing upon a dark colored Chesterfield consider in very manly. Yet upholstered in white it appears softer, more effeminate, throw in some pastel pillows or throws it becomes completely effeminate. For certain no one will say a pink tufted leather sofa is masculine.

A red leather couch is bold and sexy, a bowl of roses on the table before it adds not only a romantic element, but it will be perceived by many people as an effeminate sofa. Add black pillows with a red racing stripe (minus the roses) and it becomes entirely masculine in the eyes of most viewers. Our expectations, associations and perception determine how the same sofa is perceived and color often plays a huge role in this. Use it to assist you in achieving the room you dream of.

The Leather Sofa Company provides over 200 leathers and finishes to assist you in achieving the detail you desire in a room with leather furniture. When you require assistance or have questions regarding the tufted leather sofa that you desire feel free to call our knowledgeable customer service agents, or drop by any of our seven locations in Texas.

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