Colors of leather furniture

The Leather Sofa Company provides over 120 different selections of leather finishes and colors. Though not an exact science, studies have proven that colors can play an important role in the effect of our moods. When choosing the color scheme of your room, choosing a color in furniture can play a vital role in mood as well as an aesthetic space.

The most popular colors in leather furniture are typically black and brown. Going into detail with the personality of colors can help you decide how you will choose the colors in your living space.

Blacks usually will work best as an accent color but should never be used as the primary color in a room. Black is often associated with dignity and sophistication. A black leather couch will provide a nice contrast in rooms with white or neutral walls. Avoid a dark room with dark walls and all black furniture as it can contribute to depression. Black can provide a lovely and dramatic contrast in zebra rugs and geometrics with a black leather couch. Black and white art with just a bit of red will coordinate nicely. Use red or white for contrasting accents.

Contemporary Leather Furniture

Using the Psychology of Color

Brown reflects the idea of security, credibility and safety. However, if you use too many browns in a room it can leave the space uninspired and quite mundane. Brown leather couches can be given a touch of elegance with shades of white and just a splash of red. Walls in shades of pale neutrals provide a nice contrast. When using brown leather couches in rooms with wooden walls such as natural plank or logs, using a brown leather of a lighter, darker or mixed finish with light areas will prevent the furniture from blending too well into the wood backdrop of the walls.

Red reflects energy, passion, love, enthusiasm and daring. It is a color that gets noticed, and is reputed to stimulate the appetite, but in too great of a quantity it creates uneasiness, and may be perceived as hostile. Use red in measured amounts. A single red leather couch will provide a lovely, bold statement and draw the eye in any setting, but looks loveliest in rooms that would otherwise be white on white. As an accent, use red in pillows, canisters or a vase in an otherwise colorless room. Red flowers are always a lovely and dramatic statement in a neutral room.

Yellow is cheerful, the color of sunshine, and imparts the emotion of happiness. It can be hurtful to eyes, and promote irritability if used in too great of a quantity. In lighter shades it makes for a cheerful kitchen. Use a splash of yellow to accent red, brown, or in very small amounts as a contrast for green.

Orange is the color of energy, excitement and passion. It promotes socialization and can stimulate appetite especially when used in colors akin to food such as sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. Use it as an accent color in pillows, frames or a vase of flowers in a window of an otherwise boring room. Use it as a daring accent in light yellow rooms. Think daffodil yellow and orange for a nice color partnership.

Green sooths and relaxes the mind and body. It is a refreshing color that stimulates peace and harmony. Green is a quieting color and works well in bedrooms and in light shades for a dining room. Use in pillows, a large vase or as flowers for a pop of color in a neutral room. Granny Smith Apple green is especially refreshing in bedrooms with wispy thin curtains.

Blue represents loyalty, and promotes calm, peace and relaxation. Blue is a good color for a bedroom to promote sleep. Headboards and chairs in bedrooms and dressing rooms that are upholstered in light shades of blue will contribute to the calming and comforting effect. Use as an accent color in white rooms for a restful splash of color, or in a turquoise shade to lift the mood with rooms having a lot of brown.

Purple represents wealth and prosperity. It encourages creativity, lifts the spirit and calms. It is a good color to use in measured doses in a playroom or crafts room. Use lighter shades of whites or gold for accent with purple.

The Leather Sofa Company has a large selection of colors and styles to choose from when designing your custom leather furniture. With so many choices available you can count on finding the selection that you desire to complement your home and lifestyle.

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