Decorating with Black Leather Furniture

The popularity of the black leather couch never fades. Often seen in contemporary spaces, the black leather couch is so very popular that it often shows up in spaces where it presents a design dilemma. The fact is, it doesn't have to be a dilemma, and it is all in your perspective and how to make it harmonize with its surroundings.

The black leather couch does indeed work with modern and retro, as well as casual, formal and contemporary styles. The key is all in the presentation of the space.

The first step of establishing cohesion with your new couch is with color. If you want to make a bold statement use bold, bright colors such as red or a granny smith green, for example.

Another bold approach is to use white accents, such as choosing white pillows with black piping. Many animal hide throws and accents are gorgeous with the black leather couch. The careful choice of the type species of hide, whether faux or genuine, will lend a modern style accent or a western accent or other, to your leather couch.

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Tips for D?cor with a Black Leather Couch

Perhaps you'd like to soften the presence of the black leather couch. Use pale accent colors such as soft greys, mauves or blue greys.

Another approach is to use a subdued monochrome using progressive shades of grey. You may like grey pillows with white or cream piping, or for a touch of daring choose piping in red or silver.

Use two colors and integrate them with your black leather couch by using pillows on the sofa as well as other furniture and accessories such as curtains. You may use more colors in throw rugs, preferably three from the color scheme you have chosen. Walls in soft shades of greys harmonize well with a black leather couch. Your goal is create a space where the colors complement the leather couch.

Of course, one of the most popular ways to use a black leather couch is to add some industrial to the room with metal accessories or trim. An added benefit to bright metal is that it will catch light and reflect it, brightening up a room. Many designers discourage the use of shiny metals and recommend metals with a matte finish. Let your personal taste help you decide.

In a dark room the light reflection on shiny metal can assist in brightening a dark room, whereas if you prefer a subdued effect, matte finish upon metals is the way to go.

The next rule of thumb is to choose furniture with similar lines of design. In other words, if your sofa has curvy lines of design, your other furniture should have round or similar curves as well. This maintains a cohesive appearance in the space.

In choosing a piece of leather furniture consider your flooring. The black leather couch will look its best against light colored wood flooring. Lighter shades of beige or grey carpeting will work with it, especially if you use an area rug in the space that uses the colors of your chosen accessories.

For those who choose to go with contemporary leather furniture or a more modern black leather couch, geometric rugs work great with contemporary, modern or transitional styled black leather couches. If you would like to use geometrics for a more modern approach, you can use wall art that reflects the geometric patterns of your rug.

You can even save money by purchasing a few canvases and use paints that reflect the colors of the geometric patterns in your rug or accessories. Keep in mind using the same colors the space will provide a cohesiveness that pulls the space together with your new black leather couch.

There is no reason not to love your new leather furniture and enjoy it for the decades to come. The beauty of black leather is that so many colors coordinate with it, choose what you love.

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