Decorating With Transitional Leather Furniture

Transitional style furniture combines qualities from both traditional and contemporary styles for a blending of the best attributes. Transitional style furniture is ideal if you find traditional style to be old fashioned and ultra-modern styles to be too cold and extreme.

The transitional style refers to furniture profiles, shapes, sizes as well as materials including fabrics and leather.

Transitional furniture style falls in between the spectrum of traditional and ultra-modern, and may lean either way, to being more traditional or more modern, but transitional will steer clear of either extreme. Transitional takes elements from both styles and displays it subtly.

Modern Leather Furniture

Transitional Style

Transitional Style Features

The most notable feature of transitional style is that it avoids the extremes such as the ornate character of traditional styles, as well as the extreme austerity of modern styles.

Transitional style furniture has simple and sophisticated lines, but lacks the sharp edges or spare and stark straight lines generally found in contemporary or modern furniture. Lines may be gently curved, but less so than is found in traditional style furniture. Transitional furniture is of medium scale, being neither large nor small. True to form, the Transitional style of furniture takes the middle road.

Transitional furniture generally lacks ornamentation in the true simplicity of its design, with its focus on comfort and casual to withstand the rigors of an active family.

Materials and Colors

Wood is generally lighter in color than traditional furniture. Leather is one of the most popular materials in transitional furniture, and distressed leather is also used. The durability of leather perfectly suits the practicality that Transitional style is known for. Color is typically subdued, with creamy whites, olive, taupe and tans being some of the most popular color choices for this style.


Transitional is quiet and subdued, and provides accessories the opportunity to take center stage. This style works as well in a museum lobby as it does in homes of eclectic style, the romantic villa, or the exotic style room. Transitional accessories may include:

  • Textured rugs should be neutral in color. If design is desired keep it minimal and geometric.
  • A vintage item or two may be used, a simple silver candle stick, a music box. Neither large nor overly elaborate accessories are not a part of this design. Simplicity and lack of ornamentation is. There is no place for clutter in this design.
  • Place a potted orchid, a slender lily, or a simple glass vase of bamboo on a table or shelf. A few small simple pottery bowls or baskets, or a small glass bottle display can provide some textural interest on a few shelves. Keep the arrangement tastefully sparse.
  • Wood floors are fine, choose a light neutral species.
  • Artwork should be displayed with white mattes and clean simple fames.
  • If drapes are used they should be solid colored and of clean simple lines. Simple roman blinds work well with this design.

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