Different Grades of Leather Furniture

When you are considering the purchase of a leather couch and want the best from the perspective of durability and quality, there is no equal to full or top grain leather. You may be wondering just what the difference is between the two premium grades of top grain and full grain leather.

When you choose full grain leather furniture you receive the thickest leather available. It is usually the same thickness as the bovine hide it came from. On the other hand, top grain leather is exactly what the name implies. Top grain is leather that has been shaved off from the outer layer of full grain. When choosing between these premium leathers it comes down to your choice of durability.

Full grain leather is more durable and will last longer due to its thickness. It is more resistant to dirt, spills, wear and to tears. Full grain leathers very thickness acts as a tough shield of protection. In regards to quality and longevity it is unsurpassed. Full grain leathers are chosen from the finest hides and retain their natural marks. By being unaltered it maintains the natural fibers of the hide, and therefore its strength. Full grain is "breathable" leather resulting in less moisture from prolonged contact. Full grain leather develops a lovely patina over time.

Leather Furniture

Full Grain vs. Top Grain Leathers

Leather furniture made from full grain leather will cost more than top grain leather, but the investment will pay for itself by outlasting top grain or any other leather or fabric. Full grain is top of the line leather for high-end products. Top grain leather is the most common type of leather used in high-end leather furniture. It is the second highest grade of leather and costs less than full grain leather.

Top grain leather is shaved from the top of a full grain hide and lacks the full strength and resistance of full grain leather simply because it is thinner, but top grain leather is nevertheless a strong and durable product. Due to its reduced thickness it will be more susceptible to tears and wear faster than full grain leather, but it nevertheless is a very long lasting product that will outlast any fabric upholstery by far. Only full grain leather can surpass the quality of top grain leather.

The Leather Sofa Company uses only those hides dyed by the aniline dye process, the best dye process available to ensure full penetration of the dye throughout the hide. Aniline dye is a transparent dye, enabling the natural grain of leathers to be visible.

The Leather Sofa Company insists upon the very best leathers for all of our fine leather furniture. Our handcrafted leather furniture is meticulously created one piece at a time to ensure first quality. Our standards exceed those of the industry and when you shop online, or visit any of our showroom locations in Texas, you can be assured that you are receiving finely crafted leather furniture from the very best materials available in the world.

Give us a call, or drop by one of our showrooms. Our work is our passion, and we will be happy to assist you in choosing your leather furniture!

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