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Lighting can be a powerful component in home decorating. Lighting can be used to create aesthetic appeal and the ambiance you desire. Lighting can highlight art or treasured items, or used to focus on architectural elements of a rooms design. The selection of ambient lighting is especially pleasing with leather furniture. Visit our furniture stores in Frisco, TX for first quality leather furniture for your home.

Lighting today includes everything under the sun, with a large selection for any style. These include light fixtures that are so stunning they are art in themselves.

Metallic is all over the place this year, chrome, copper, brushed gold, and nickel. If contemporary is your style choose matching metal legs to tie lighting and our fine contemporary leather furniture together.

Visit any of our seven showrooms to view metal leg options, including our furniture stores in Frisco, TX to purchase a customized sofa from our large selection of styles and options that is individualized just for you.

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Geometric shapes are in vogue and are showing up everywhere including lighting. The style is bold and beautiful and provides a large selection of complementary lighting for modern and contemporary leather furniture.

Nature is also popular in sculptural metal light fixtures that mimic branches and flowers, as well as lamp shades of cork, wood, paper and mica. There is nature minded lighting for every style from ultra-modern to rustic and everything in between. Mica lights remain popular for the ambiance they impart to Rustic, Prairie, as well as Arts and Craft and Theater Rooms to name a few. The Leather Sofa Company offers stylish leather theater seating, drop by any of our furniture stores in Frisco, TX or other locations to view our comfortable theater groups.

The environment and energy efficiency is a growing feature in high demand today. You will see a growing number of fixtures in fluorescent, halogen, LED and xenon lighting. These types of lighting will not only reduce the power bill but will last much longer than incandescent bulbs.

Pendant lighting remains popular with a larger selection than ever before. No longer limited to kitchen use, pendant lights are showing up in dining rooms, work areas, conversation areas and any location for tasks. Use them anywhere you want to create a soft ambiance.

Chandeliers have expanded. No longer just for crystal refraction and elegance, chandeliers have developed into statements for any style from exquisitely ornate to contemporary style. They remain popular in powder rooms and closets rooms as well as traditional locations.

The popularity of recessed lighting continues to grow and has expanded to the walls. Style is beginning to develop beyond the simple trim ring in the decorative recessed lighting category and wall style of recessed lighting. Square and rectangular shaped lighting is now offered in additional to the traditional round cans.

Regardless of the style you choose, lighting offers thousands of selections from around the world to assist you in the cohesion of style and creation of mood and expression for your home. The Leather Sofa Company will be happy to provide you with the quality leather couch, recliner, or theater seating that you need. Just give us a call, or drop our furniture stores in Frisco, TX or any of our seven locations to order your custom leather furniture.

From traditional elegance, to a classy contemporary room, a whimsical cottage or a magical child's room there are plenty of choices to assist you in creating the room of your dreams.

Ideas include star studded fiber optic ceiling kits and amazing illuminated LED bar shelves to add the ambiance of a downtown bar or restaurant.

When you have decided to upgrade to first quality leather furniture, The Leather Sofa Company can provide you with the premium quality and class you desire in fine leather furniture from any of our five locations including our furniture stores in Frisco, TX.

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