Finding Genuine Leather Furniture For Sale

In today's global market it is hard to know the quality or even origin of a product. When you are shopping for a new product of almost any kind, don't base your decision on the "Made in America" sticker. You have to look further if you want a product that is truly made in America. Many products bear the American made sticker, but are manufactured overseas and shipped for assembly in the U. S.

Like a detective, you must do your investigation if you want a genuine American made product. The same problem occurs with leather furniture.

It is being shipped to the U.S. from overseas and the quality is often very poor. A very popular brand of furniture that is highly marketed is now shipped from overseas. Common complaints are that the leather peels and the cushions break down within a year. Complaints with other imports are the discovery that the sides and back are synthetic, sometimes even vinyl.

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Genuine Leather or Faux Leather

When you purchase leather furniture from the Leather Sofa Company you are receiving furniture that is an all leather product, crafted one piece at a time in our Lewisville, Texas location. This location is also one of our 7 showrooms located in Texas. There is no question of authenticity with our product, you choose the leather, style and options and we handcraft your all leather furniture.

The Leather Sofa Company is the fulfillment of our dream to handcraft the finest quality leather furniture possible, right here in Lewisville, Texas and shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states. Any person who is an artist or a craftsman will understand the desire to create beauty, quality and an enduring product. That is why The Leather Sofa Company is different than most other manufacturers. We don't just manufacture, we design, handcraft and create an enduring product of beauty, first quality and comfort. We do so with pride, utilizing impeccable standards of excellence and the love of our craft. These qualities go into each every piece of furniture we create assuring that you receive the very best.

You can shop our site with the confidence that you will receive an all leather product from the finest materials available. We offer only the top two superior grades of leather, full grain leather, and top grain leather. All of our leathers are Aniline dyed using the best coloration method available. When shopping our products online give our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents a call for questions, information or assistance. You are also welcome to visit any of our locations to view the first quality beauty and comfort of a product lovingly handcrafted by the artisans at The Leather Sofa Company.

For those of you who will shop around before buying the following tips may assist you in ensuring a genuine product. When your shopping is complete and it's time to make a decision we hope you will choose the company that crafts with skill, dedication, pride in our product and love for our craft-The Leather Sofa Company!

Is It Real Leather or Faux?

The main difference in leather and faux leather are durability and quality. They can look very much alike but there are certain characteristics of leather that faux products will not have.

The Nose Knows Leather

If you have ever owned a leather product in clothing or furniture then you know that leather has a distinctive smell. Synthetic upholstery cannot duplicate the smell of leather. The nose knows leather, but you may want to sniff the sides and back as well. If it smells like plastic or rubber it is not leather.


Touch the leather, but touch can be deceiving if you aren't familiar with the feel of real leather. If it feels like plastic it probably is. Depending upon finish, most leather will feel soft and is flexible. Look at the edges, if you see perfectly cut edges that feel foamy or plastic it is faux. You may even actually see the layers in the edge and spot the foam like material. Faux leather is made from cloth and is treated with dye, polyurethane and wax to imitate the appearance and feel of leather. The most common form of faux leather is made from a plastic material and formed to look like real leather.

Examine the Leather

Leather is the hide of an animal. Full grain leather is the outside original hide with the hair removed, but otherwise has not been altered or corrected. You will see the fat wrinkles and pores and any natural markings. Fat wrinkles are created by fat deposits and are not visible in imitation leather.

Authentic leather has unique characteristics just as our own skin does. Natural leather will display pores that are inconsistent in pattern. Take a good look at your own arm; you will see how the pores are irregularly placed, look for similar inconsistency in real leather.

There is nothing to compare to real leather. It is a luxurious, soft and unique product that becomes softer over time, and even more beautiful and comfortable. Leather is very durable, outlasting faux leather by 3 to 1 or more. Faux leather cracks and splits and becomes less comfortable as it ages, whereas real leather becomes even more comfortable.

When properly maintained leather is very easy to care for, just wipe regularly with a clean damp cloth and condition once or twice a year. Real leather can be treated to help prevent stains.

Luxurious, elegant, soft, prestigious, comfortable, durable and easy to care for, leather is the perfect product for furniture when you want all of these features. Visit one of our showrooms and let us show you the American made product of fine first quality leather furniture.

The Leather Sofa Company is your premier source for fine quality leather furniture. Visit any of our furniture stores in Frisco, TX or any of our other 6 Texas showrooms to experience the difference in premium quality leather furniture. With more than 120 colors and finishes available in our selection of premium leathers we have your style and color, genuinely crafted in the U.S.A.!

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