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When it comes to a little boy's bedroom designthere are numerous themes to choose from. If your child is old enough you will know his favorite interests and will have no trouble choosing a theme. Dinosaurs are a popular theme among little boys, as are cars, fire engines, solar systems, club houses and sports to name a few. The d?cor and furnishings of little boy themes are available, but it can be a challenge at times to locate.

Using a little imagination and knowing how, and where, to locate the resources needed you can make your little boys room an exciting place for him to develop his imagination and have fun.

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Decorating Tips for a Little Boys Bedroom

A little boy's bedroom doesn't have to be humdrum and run of the mill anymore! The following will guide you to some resources and ideas enabling your little boy's bedroom to be a perfect place to relax, play and dream.

Having a well-designed room that appeals to your little boys senses can encourage his creativity and imagination. Use your child's bedroom d?cor to inspire learning.


The colors of red, white and blue are often recommended. Don't limit yourself by choosing the road most commonly traveled. Choose your little boys favorite colors, or choose colors that coordinate with the selected theme. Wall color can also assist in creating an illusion.

For example, if you want to create a headboard that appears to be a dinosaur you have several options. You can spend thousands of dollars for a single headboard or you can paint your own dinosaur on MDF or plywood. Alternately, you can purchase a decal of the preferred dinosaur and attach it to the headboard. If you choose a DIY option, your choices are then leave it as it is, or trim around the figure and sand smooth for a custom headboard finish. The other option is to first paint the board with the same paint as the wall and then paint or apply the mural to the headboard. Those areas of the headboard that are painted to match the wall will very closely blend right in as long as the necessary number of coats are applied to match the wall color.


Boys furniture

Beds of the chosen theme can be difficult to locate for a little boy's room, and once located, pricing may be out of budget for many families. If you have reasonable DIY skills, making a bed may be an option. There are a few plans available by bed manufacturers for a limited number of theme beds, otherwise shop around for a bed at a reasonable cost. A good source for beds and ideas is, and they offer some woodworking plans.


Accessories will be determined by theme. For example, if your little boys room theme is of an outdoor nature consider area rugs of green for "grass", or blue for "water". A great accessory for a pirate ship or cove is a toy box "treasure chest". A rounded or "barrel top" toy chest only requires metallic tape to mimic metal "straps", and if you like you can personalize with your little pirates name and the words "Treasure".

Space shuttle book shelves are available from If you or a friend have DIY skills you could make something similar and extend storage by utilizing the boosters as extra storage with piano hinges enabling you to use the money saved for other accessories.

Other accessories include themed lamps, posters and wall clings, themed bed linens and window treatments. Small accessories shouldn't be placed on a wall shelf, a more attractive and effective means of display is to mount them within a deeply recessed picture frame in multiples.



Furniture for a little boy's room should provide storage and can either be neutral to the theme or coordinate with the theme. A hutch over the desk provides extra storage, and space to display an item or two within the theme subject. If the theme is space for example, a light up solar system on top of the hutch will make a nice, educational touch within the range of the theme. For a comfortable retreat, consider a Leather Sofa Company Hemingway chair, in a coordinating color for the reading nook where your little explorer travels the world through his books.


Theme appropriate area rugs may be used to provide a warm soft place for your child to play when floors are wood or tile. According to the theme you can also use green for "grass" or blue for "water" as previously noted.

Window Treatments

Use theme appropriate window treatments, or a coordinating color. If the theme is a clubhouse or log cabin you can use wooden shutters or wooden blinds to carry over the wood and camp theme.



Theme based lighting fixtures are available. Otherwise use a neutral fixture and theme appropriate lamps in the room. When your little nature enthusiast has a stand-alone "tree" in his room use twinkle lights or small LED lighting for a some added magic to his room. For trees that are a painted image upon a wall, and if your child is old enough, consider using florescent paints on the tree and position a small blacklight fixture or bulb nearby, to make the tree visible at night.

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