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The Arezzo line of modern leather furniture by The Leather Sofa Company is well named. Other leather couch manufacturers produce an Arezzo line, but to my opinion their linear ultra-modern and fully contemporary leather furniture forms in no way reflect the historical significance of the city of Arezzo, Italy. Located in Tuscany, it is a city of ancient buildings, full of architectural details such as mullioned windows and loggia arches, as well as beautiful frescos by Piero della Francesca and other notable artists.

The graceful curves of The Leather Sofa's Arezzo line is in my opinion, a more appropriate tribute to the historical ancient city of Arezzo, Italy than any other. It is a very beautiful tribute as well, and fills my need for quality modern leather furniture that in my selection of leather finish and color, will complement my rustic elegance style of d?cor with its emphasis upon local history.

Arezzo | Modern Leather Furniture

Each of us has our own individual tastes, mine just happens to be rustic elegance with a little old world thrown in. My dream home is an ancestral log cabin built in 1815 from squared logs that are 2 ft. in diameter. It isn't likely that I will ever have the opportunity to own this venerable log cabin. I am a fan of history and have been searching for a historic cabin rather than shop the lovely but new log homes available.

Regardless of what log cabin I end up with, I can see The Leather Sofa Company's Arezzo in my future. I love its graceful curves, the inviting thick cushions and the substantial swan neck arms. I can easily see myself sinking into its inviting comfort. As a fan of history, I will undoubtedly select distressed leather for a more historical feel.

I have an eye for detail, and not lacking in imagination I can see the Arezzo line of modern leather furniture as a beautiful companion in not only a log cabin, but in western, southwestern, old world, country, Tuscan, traditional and other styles of room decor.

I like curves, arched doorways, loggias and Palladian windows. The Arezzo provides the curves I love that softens a home and for me, makes it more welcoming. I love the organic flavor that modern leather furniture adds to a room.

I can envision an Arezzo sofa in front of a stone fireplace, with a love seat on each side forming a galley for friends and family to relax before a fire on a cold winter day. It would be a great place to curl up on the thick comfortable cushions and relax with some soft music playing. It would also be the seat of magic if situated before a view of mountains, valleys, a magnificent lake view or a lovely flower garden.

The design of the Arezzo is the perfect accompaniment to many styles, from classically elegant to rustic and comfortable. It is a design well thought out, with a form that is harmony itself and no detail overlooked. I foresee a trip to a showroom for I want to experience the look, the touch and yes the wonderful smell of modern leather furniture.

I want to view the colors and finishes with my own eyes and touch. I don't like the limitations on colors and finishes most furniture galleries provide. My current name brand sofa allowed me no choice in color and I am dissatisfied with it as well as its quality.

The Leather Sofa Company allows me a large variety of choices and options for my own custom selections, and will ensure my ability to have the modern leather furniture I desire, and not the selection of a designer. The Leather Sofa Company affords their clients this opportunity. My husband isn't very happy that at our age I want to purchase, and reconstruct a historic log cabin that will most likely be shipped from several states away. There is also the work of moving 30 years of accumulation to be considered. "I thought we would die in this house," he said just yesterday. "Hand me the reins and I will give you a house to live in." I replied.

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