Kick Back in a Leather Recliner

Reclining chairs or reclining sofas are a great place to kick back and relax. But did you know recliners have health benefits?

Persons with poor circulation have to be cautious about standing or sitting too long. Feet and legs can swell with the collection of fluid in ankles and legs, for example. Impaired circulation can lead to ulceration of the skin and other complications. For these reasons, persons with impaired circulation are often told to elevate their feet to reduce swelling.

A recliner is the ideal means of elevation, as severe complications may occur if the feet and legs are elevated to an excessive height causing the return of collected fluid to occur too rapidly. A leather recliner is a safer way to reduce swelling in the lower extremities as excessive height is unlikely to occur.

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Comfortable Recliners by the Leather Sofa Company

Choose recliners with comfortable and adequate cushioning. A small cushion can be placed on the foot rest to make the surface softer if you need additional comfort. If you have poor circulation talk to your doctor for guidelines on how much elevation is safe for your condition when not using a recliner.

Back Pain

Recliners can help those who suffer from back pain by taking the pressure off of the spine which enables it to rest. It also helps to relieve the back pain caused by pregnancy. For back pain choose a recliner that is comfortable but that provides support to the back.

Sleep Apnea and COPD

Persons who have difficulty breathing typically sleep better in a semi-reclined position such as a recliner provides. This includes those with sleep apnea, and those who "smother" when lying down as with COPD and other breathing issues. A semi-reclined position even reduces snoring.

Chairs upholstered in leather are the most durable when you choose premium leather such as full grain leather, or top grain leather. These premium leathers are the only two grades of leather that we offer, ensuring your leather furniture is crafted of the very best leather available.

The Leather Sofa Company's recliners and reclining sofas are designed with hardwood frames and superior construction by master craftsmen and artisans, as well as your choice of premium cushions, to create durable, comfortable and beautiful recliners to fit anyone.

The Leather Sofa Company provides leather furniture with the added benefit of being able to choose the cushioning used in its construction, in order to ensure you receive the comfort level you desire and need.

The Leather Sofa Company ensures a superior standard of excellence in the construction of all of our leather furniture. With over 120 colors and finishes you are sure to find a choice that pleases you and suits your d?cor. Our first quality products include recliners, sofas, chairs, sectional sofas, ottomans, theater seating and more. So whether you are seeking several rooms of quality furniture or simply a pair of brown leather couches we are sure to have your style, color and comfort level.

Shop our site and when you are ready for assistance give us a call, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents will be happy to help you. If you're in Texas feel free to visit any of our Dallas furniture stores or any of our seven showrooms in Texas.

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