Leather Furniture Repair

Leather repair really isn't a DIY project. A good professional repair that will hold up to routine use and be nearly invisible requires special materials and tools as well as experience. Even if you buy everything that you need you can't buy the knowledge and expertise of experience. It is simply better to hire a leather repair professional from the start.

There are many different types of leather and each has its own inherent problems with repair, and its own technique of repair.

Leather Furniture

Abrasions are common damages to leather furniture and the abrasions require special tools and fillers to repair. One of the problems with abrasions is it may reveal leather that not dyed, and is very noticeable. This isn't the case with aniline dyed leathers where the dye and therefore the color, goes throughout the leather. Not all leathers are aniline dyed, ask before you buy. At The Leather Sofa Company we only use aniline dyed premium leathers, this is one of the reasons our leathers are superior, we insist upon the best, and will accept nothing less.

Leather Repair

Small Tears

You can actually make small tears worse by trying to repair them, leave it to the pros.

Loose Threads along Seams

These require strong thread, and a special curved upholstery needle. If the holes from the previous seam are not torn then this is a possible DIY for the homeowner, or you can let the professional take all the sticks from that needle.

Tears along Threaded Seams

Tears along seams are also best left to the professionals. The problem with repairing it yourself is the likelihood that repairs are going to pull the leather creating a mend that bunches, creating an uneven ridge, and if not the proper distance from damaged leather may cause additional tearing.

Large Tears and Burns

Burns are tough fixes and require very special care and a multi-step repair. These repairs are ones you especially want to leave to the professionals. A single mistake can turn into having to have a whole section recovered. Large tears are going to require all the skills and techniques that a professional knows to provide a well mended product.

Unless you plan on replacing the piece fairly quickly, it is best to leave the repairs to the pros. You will have a mend that is strong and will hold up to time that will be nearly invisible if not completely undetectable, and in the hands of a professional the repair will not cause further damage.

You may be wondering how repair can make it worse and a common mistake made with DIY repair is a great example of how it can happen. Many homeowners will glue the edges of a small tear together, but the glue then bonds to the cushioning. Each time a person sits on it the repaired leather is unable to flex and give, as the inherent nature of leather allows. The most likely scenario for this DIY repair is further tearing, because the original mend is stuck to the cushioning. A professional knows how to repair correctly without the bonding of leather to cushion.

Keep in mind leather is the skin of an animal and requires special products, tools and techniques for flawless repair; it is nothing like fabric which is a good thing. Fabric upholstery can only be sewn and repairs are more visible than on leather. That provides peace of mind to the owner of leather furniture, knowing that permanent repair can be provided, extending the service life of the leather furniture that you love for many years to come.

The Leather Sofa Company handcrafts premium custom leather furniture. We only offer two options- full grain leather and top grain leather, the top two choices when you want the best leather choice. Aniline dyed for dye throughout the leather is the premium dye choice. Finally, we not only buy the best for our products but assure the best go on our products by inspecting and hand selecting leather for your furniture that is handcrafted one piece at a time.

We insist upon the best in order to provide you with the best. American Made, we take pride in our work, and it shows. Shop online, or visit any of our 7 showrooms in Texas when shopping for leather furniture. We will be happy to assist you.

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