Leather Furniture For Small Spaces

New homes, apartments and condominiums are getting smaller. This is partially due to the high cost of commercial property. In some cases, it is also due to the environmental movement as many new homeowners select a smaller space for its advantages. Less square footage means lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint, translating to less impact on the environment. This trend towards environmental awareness is one reason for the popularity of leather furniture in Dallas and nationwide.

Quality leather furniture made of premium leather by far outlasts fabric upholstery and simulated leather products. Its durability means less materials going into the landfill. The Leather Sofa Company always uses the very best leathers money can buy, providing a long life of our leather furniture in Dallas showrooms and other locations. You won't have to wonder if you are receiving real leather or fake when you purchase our leather furniture. That is because we only use the top two leather grades, those of full grain leather and top grain leather.

Furnishing Small Spaces| Leather Furniture Dallas

Interior decorating in today's small spaces must provide the desired impact with less space. The real problem comes with trying to obtain a balance between what is functional and the impression you want to create. The Leather Sofa Company's broad selection of leather furniture in Dallas, as well as our other showrooms, offers you more options from which to select.

The biggest mistake small space dwellers make is cluttering it up. Don't shop and then try to fit it all in, plan wisely. Select only what you need and what is practical. Measuring the floor space furniture will occupy before buying is the way to ensure you purchase appropriately sized leather furniture in Dallas. Look for furniture in a scale to suit your spaces size.

Setting the sofa along a wall will get the most out of your small space. Don't block access to the patio or the balcony, the visual of the outside view will make your small space feel larger, and it will provide extra space when you have guests over. Allow the natural light to enter the room and a view of the outdoors from balcony or patio glass doors.

If you are purchasing new leather furniture in Dallas and your style is complementary to metal legs, light striking them will create interest and provide another element to assist a small room.

Small spaces beg for multifunctional pieces. A sofa that converts into a sofa bed is great for the occasional guest. Tables and ottomans that have storage space will provide well appreciated double duty.

There are a few other tricks to make a small space seem larger, select those that appeal to you in the following.

  • Use an area rug in front of your new leather furniture in Dallas, and throw pillows to add color and interest to your room.
  • If you use bookshelves select those that are near ceiling height. Not only will it provide more storage, but will draw the eye upwards and give the impression of height in a room.
  • Hang a flat screen television on the wall rather than using an entertainment center. Add an area rug in front of the couch and chair and use a small coffee table or ottoman to set drinks on, and forego the end tables if it is going to crowd the space.
  • If windows are small don't cover them with drapes that obscure the view when open. Hang curtains to fall to the side of windows when open. Alternately, hang them higher than the window to make it appear larger, in some cases you may be able to hang drapes from the ceiling to add the illusion of greater height.
  • Mirrors don't just make a room appear larger, they also reflect light which can make a room seem more spacious. If you have a dark corner add some mirrors to capture some light, opening the dark corner up, and visually enlarging the space.
  • See through furnishing such as glass topped tables help to create the illusion of a more open space.
  • If you own your own home - add glass to cabinet doors in tiny kitchens and baths to trick the eye into thinking it is larger. Tear down walls, install larger windows or use glass doors to open up the space and provide outdoor views.
  • Group similar objects in collections and pack away those you don't have room for. You can always exchange them for a fresh new perspective on a room. Gift items you haven't used in a few years for a less cluttered and restful space.

The Leather Sofa Company offers premium quality leather furniture in Dallas, and our other six locations. Our numerous lines and styles provide the size you require, and enable you to select the color and finish of leathers providing a more custom selection of leather furniture in the style you select.

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