Leather Office Furniture

Those who dislike leather office chairs have simply never had a quality product.

Complaints are often of the leather office chair being hot as well as deterioration of the leather with splits, peels and cracks within a short amount of time. There are reasons for this, and the Leather Sofa Company can provide you with a soft, comfortable leather office chair that won't put you in the hot seat.

The first has to do with the quality of leather. Simply put, most leather office chairs are made of poor quality leather. Unbelievably, many retailers line of leather office chairs are made of scrap leather bought in cheap lots. Even worse, these leather scraps were of thin, poor quality leathers to begin with. These are most often split leathers, or bonded leathers. Inferior leather cracks and splits long before you expect it.

Leather that can't "breathe" traps the heat transference from your body and keeps it there placing you in a hot seat.

Choosing a Leather Office Chair

The Leather Sofa Company uses aniline dyed leathers in top and full grain leathers exclusively. The treatment of our leathers provides a "breathable" product that helps to keep you out of the hot seat, as well as providing long lasting premium leather. Our leathers are the finest that money can buy in modern leather furniture today. Soft, comfortable, breathable leather that will provide you with the comfort you need and the style you want.

You spend a lot of time in your office chair and deserve a comfortable seat. We take pride in the fine craftsmanship of all of our leather furniture, and we want to provide you with all the comfort possible for those long hours in the office.

The Leather Sofa Company has furniture stores in Frisco, TX and 5 other locations for your convenience. Or give us a call after visiting our website, we will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in choosing the perfect office chair for long years of comfortable style.

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