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A growing number of homeowners in the U. S. are choosing to purchase historic log cabins, though there simply are not enough left to supply the demand. The following tips will assist you in imparting the Log Cabin Style to your modern home. The Leather Sofa Company offers leather furniture for this style, as well as others offering seven showrooms in Texas, including furniture stores in Grapevine.

You don't have to have a log cabin to achieve the relaxing atmosphere that cabins impart. The following tips will assist you in achieving a log cabin feel to architecture, as well as the relaxed and informal style of d?cor typical of historic log cabins. The Leather Sofa Company invites you to visit our furniture stores in Grapevine, or any of our locations for assistance in selecting leather furniture to complement the Log Cabin Style.

Log Cabin Style | Furniture Stores in Grapevine

Log Cabin Style on a Budget

Log cabin siding, or 1" x 12" stained boards can provide the illusion of logs if the budget supports it. You can achieve a log cabin style accent wall that is even more realistic by leaving a gap between the 1 x 12 boards for "chinking". Even without an accent wall you can still achieve a log cabin look.

Framing windows and doors in wood will impart a log cabin feel, especially if faux ceiling beams are used. These beams are lightweight and look like the genuine article. If you have high ceilings consider the use of these, and when coupled with wide boards as window and door trim, you will have a beautiful room with a log cabin look that perfectly complements vintage accessories and leather furniture from our furniture stores in Grapevine.

Walls and Colors

Walls are painted in earthy colors found in nature, such as deep maroons, dark green, earthy browns, golden yellows and creamy beiges. The use of textured paints will add an additional layer of the rustic and earthy atmosphere to the log cabin room. The elegance of textured paint will be a beautiful accompaniment to wood trim as well as leather furniture available in our furniture stores in Grapevine.


Wide plank flooring is the jewel of the log cabin look but has a hefty price tag. Laminates are an alternative with a wide variety of options. For the budget minded linoleum with the appearance of wider boards is available. If you are installing new flooring carry a sample to ensure the color of the floor and your color selection in leather furniture complement each other. Visit our furniture stores in Grapevine or any of our other locations for assistance.


A stone fireplace with a wooden mantel provides another element of the log cabin look. Artificial stone can be used to cover an existing fireplace and looks like the real thing for a fraction of the cost. If your home lacks a fireplace you can add a freestanding electric fireplace with a stone facade.

An alternative is a pot belly stove and can be an original converted to electric logs or you can use gel fuel. Replicas are also available in gel fuel or electric models. Though not a feature of an early settler cabin it will impart the look of age as will a distressed leather couch purchased from our furniture stores in Grapevine.

Reclaimed or distresses posts will provide an additional layer of the log cabin look to a room. A mantel can also be constructed of a split log that is debarked for a rustic and beautiful element to a fireplace that is certain to become a focal point of the room. A leather couch or two leather chairs set before the fireplace will complete the welcoming scene. Visit our furniture stores in Grapevine for fine leather furniture that will uplift your log cabin room to a new level.


Leather and wood predominate in log cabin furnishings. brown leather couches and log benches complement the log cabin style. Shop any of our locations including our furniture stores in Grapevine for leather furniture to complement your log cabin style. Modern log homes often add natural metals such as wrought iron tables with stone tops.

Light Fixtures

Chandeliers and wall sconces in wrought iron or acid etched metals with outdoor scenes complement the log cabin style with a rustic appeal. Early settlers often had only the light of the fireplace at night. Those few who could afford it used candles, and later used kerosene lamps. Some battery operated candles provide a realistic flickering and the appearance of the real thing for some lighting that safely imparts the warm ambience of candles. Lighting is generally muted, but a dimmer switch is a convenience for times when brighter light is required.


Accessories that contribute to this styles appeal are quilts, braided rugs, tins and bottles, dried flowers, pottery, antique (or replica) signs and woven baskets. Icons from nature such as pine cones, acorns and wildlife are popular.

Antique fishing rods, old cross saws and snowshoes are popular. Prints of wildlife, scenic views and old steam engines add a charming touch of nostalgia.

Wrought iron curtain rods with decorative finials of pinecone, acorns or leaf will enrich the log cabin atmosphere. Hang curtains of cotton gingham, plaid or checked patterns. If you prefer a modern approach use wooden blinds, drapes in solid colors, or no curtains at all if you have a view.

Antique shops are a great source for accessories, and replicas may be found online for the budget minded.

The Leather Sofa Company offers a large variety of fine quality leather furniture styles to suit almost any d?cor with showrooms in seven Texas locations including our furniture stores in Grapevine. With more than 120 options in color and finishes of leather you are certain to find furniture to suit your style. Always handcrafted one piece at a time with premium quality leathers you are assured of receiving first quality leather furniture made entirely in the USA.

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