Modern Leather Furniture Design Dilemmas

Home is where the heart is, where we relax and unwind after work, and where we entertain. Almost everyone has ideas of how we want our homes to look and function. The style we like, the modern leather furniture we want. Achieving this goal can be difficult and we often overlook opportunities. Let's look at some common design dilemmas and the solutions.

Dilemma #1- Your room is different than your ideal. Having a plan for decorating is a good idea. You probably have pictures of rooms you like, but your room may be laid out differently or be a different size. Choose the features you like best and incorporate it into your plan.

Let's say you love the pictured fireplace, the arrangement of the modern leather furniture around the windows, and the large wall for its artwork. The problem is your room is half the pictured room's size.

Design Dilemmas | Modern Leather Furniture

Your room already has a stone fireplace as the picture room does. A fireplace provides a focal point, and you really like the decor surrounding the picture's fireplace. Match the accessories as closely as possible for a near or similar look.

If you're buying new furniture choosing a smaller scale may be an option. Modern leather furniture provides different scales as well as an assortment of design for styles.

Dilemma #2- The room is crowded with no place left for a TV. If space is limited a better choice for placing a TV may be hanging a flat screen on the wall. If shelving is a necessity, glass shelves will help to keep the space feeling more open if they fit into your design style.

Dilemma #3- My floor plan is open with few walls. If you lack the wall space for the artwork you desire and have room for one large painting but not two, choose one large painting and use smaller similar art around it if there is room. Alternately, use two smaller pictures. Leave space between and don't overcrowd. Sometimes, less is more.

Dilemma #4- I don't have room for anything. Overcrowding a room is one the worst things you can do. If you watch TV and listen to music in your living room, one option is to use wireless speakers, or a good home theater system to play your music, enabling the stereo to be moved. Use what you need, but avoid excessive furnishings that will crowd the space.

Dilemma #5- My husband and I can't agree on style. Use decor that blends if you choose to use different styles. For example, rustic and country contain some common elements. Use the common elements to tie the different styles together for a more welcoming home and greater cohesion.

If you want a red leather couch, and he wants a black leather couch in an open area of kitchen, dining room and living room, consider a black leather couch and dining chairs upholstered in red leather or vice versa.

Dilemma #6- We can't save up the money we need for our plan. If you can't afford to decorate the entire room, upgrade by 'zone'. Want new flooring and wall paint? Start with the paint, it is cheaper and creates an instant upgrade. It may give you the incentive to forego eating out or going to the movies, enabling you to save more money for the next upgrade.

Furniture is an additional item that provides an instant upgrade to a room. You can pretty well count on replacing upholstered fabric furniture about every ten years if it is good quality. Modern leather furniture is a better buy as it will last much longer if cared for and doesn't require the high maintenance most people think it does.

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