How to Protect Leather Furniture from the Sun

Leather furniture is increasingly popular and offers a greater variety of styles and colors than ever before.

Leather is easy to maintain and clean, and retains its appeal much longer than fabric upholstery. When shopping for leather furniture, ensure that you are receiving what you pay for. Stores offer bi-cast leather and other inferior products that often not even leather, though they are advertised and sold as leather.

The current trends in leather are for American made furniture and customization. Unfortunately the consumer must be cautious as "assembled in the USA" is not the same as Made in the USA. Insist upon American made products.

At The Leather Sofa Company our furniture is not only American made in our Lewisville, TX facility, it is also handcrafted. Using the finest leather products available, handpicked full grain leather and top grain leather that is aniline dyed, the best dying process available that permeates the leather throughout our leather furniture is crafted one piece at a time by our master craftsmen in the USA.

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Protecting Leather Furniture from the Sun

Protect your Leather Furniture From The Sun

You can protect your leather furniture by positioning it where sunlight never strikes it. Sunlight may over time cause fading of color on the exterior surface, and the UV rays of the sun will damage any surface, eventually even leather.

You may want your comfortable leather couch to sit right in the middle of the windows to soak in the view that was the reason for buying or building your house in its location. There are 2 solutions to this problem.

The first is to pull drapes, blinds or shades at the times that sunlight enters the window(s). The second solution is to have UV filtering window film applied to your window(s). Window film is the same thing as window tint, but the industry categorizes tint as for automotive use, and film for residential and commercial film applications. Window film blocks UV rays and regulates the levels of heat and light passing through the glass. The amount of heat and light that is rejected is dependent upon the type of window film installed.

Window film is available that is energy efficient and will enhance the solar and thermal performance of windows. By reducing the amount of heat as well as UV rays entering the windows, window film reduces heat entering the home or office, reducing the work load on air conditioning as well as protecting your homes furnishings from fading and cracking due to the sun.

Low-e window film is also available which does all of the above as well as adding an insulating layer to windows with the advantage of saving energy dollars in the winter. Window film preserves the view, and your leather furniture from the suns damaging UV light and heat.

These tips along with the care recommended by the manufacturer of your comfortable leather furniture will help to preserve its beauty for decades to come.

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