Shopping for Leather Furniture & Decor On A Budget

When you're updating a room in your home with handcrafted leather furniture from The Leather Sofa Company's furniture stores in Dallas, you may already be thinking of carpets and accessories. When the artwork you desire is out of reach the following tips may assist you in saving money on the accessories budget.

If you are looking for inspiration, hopefully these tips are helpful. The room of your dreams is always within reach, and best tool you can have to achieve it is your imagination.

Shop with The Leather Sofa Company online, or at our furniture stores in Dallas or any of our seven locations in Texas for the first quality leather furniture you dream of for your home or office.

Tips to Save Money | Furniture Stores in Dallas

Finding New Life for Old Music

Old vinyl records often have artwork that would be at home on any canvas. Recognize it as the artwork it is and frame it, or mount on canvas style frames for a more professional appearance. A print shop can enlarge a favorite. You then attach it to a same size canvas or make your own frame with wood and cardboard to mount the printers copy upon. If you use a frame for album covers, only the frame is need.

Vinyl record covers used for art is popular today and makes a great accessory for vintage themed rooms using distressed leather or sharp contemporary leather furniture using a bit of vintage music. Visit our furniture stores in Dallas for first quality leather furniture to suit your style.

Old guitars make great accessories for the home bar and entertainment room, and provide the perfect accompaniment for music themed rooms. Attach colored LED lights within hollow bodied guitars. They also look great when LED lights are mounted to the guitars outlines or any other feature you want highlighted. Kits are available on the internet if you'd like it ready to attach.

Looking to add some class to the bar/entertainment room? Add leather furniture! Shop online or visit our furniture stores in Dallas for the perfect accompaniment of leather furniture for the atmosphere that makes friends and family feel like pampered guests.

Vintage Signs, Posters and Art

Vintage art can be download on several sites, just search under 'free vintage art'. You may also search under the topic of specific interest, for example 'free vintage produce ads'. You simply select the item, download and print or store on a disk and carry to a printers for a larger size. Select the highest resolution possible to avoid blurry prints and adjust color with your computer. You can also buy vintage reproduction posters for generally reasonable prices online. Shop for savings as many sites offer the same image.

Vintage art is a great accessory for rooms in rustic, country, industrial (in a similar theme), entertainment rooms, and in some contemporary rooms as well as others. The Leather Sofa Company can provide you with the style of leather furniture you need for the picture perfect room you desire. Shop our site online, or visit our furniture stores in Dallas to view our furniture, styles, available finishes and colors to best suit your style.

Have a print or photo you would love applied to an oversize canvas? Window tinting companies may be your new best friend for oversized art. Shops that provide automotive advertising car wraps can scan your high resolution image in and create an image for that special art project you want on a wall. You will need to carry the material that it will be mounted on. It isn't likely to be cheap, but it will be substantially less than an artist commissioned piece, and will provide the finishing touch for a special room. Call ahead to confirm they will provide it. These businesses can also provide images for window film, though they may need the window to attach it. This is a great solution for windows with a view of the brick wall next door, or the faux window for the wall lacking a window.

Shop online with The Leather Sofa Company for the perfect leather furniture for your room, or visit our furniture stores in Dallas.

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