Shopping for Leather Furniture

Once you make the decision to buy leather furniture you know that you want your purchase will be of great quality and last for decades. While the initial investment may seem more expensive, consider that quality made leather furniture can last as much as four times longer than fabric upholstery. If you insist upon quality and elegance, leather furniture is the best choice.

While fabric upholstery degenerates with time, leather improves with age, developing a rich color and luster through the years. As a naturally durable material, it resists tears, cracks, peeling, punctures and it doesn't lose its shape over time. As long as it receives the recommended treatment for leather furniture care protection it is easy to wipe clean and resists most stains.

The color of leather furniture will not fade as fabric upholstery will, thought the harsh UV light of the sun can fade and dry leather as it does all other materials. Simply pull the drapes when sunlight would strike it, or place it in a location where direct sunlight will not strike it.

Shopping for Custom Leather Furniture

Leather is naturally soft and supple, it stretches and molds to the body's natural contours. Its elasticity ensures it retains its shape, and being a breathable product, it quickly adapts to room temperature and body heat, being cool in the summer yet warm in the winter. Over time it softens with age and it is these qualities that make leather furniture extremely comfortable.

Natural leather furniture care is not as complicated as you may think. Simply wipe it down with a soft cloth to remove dust and occasionally vacuum the crevices. It will occasionally require leather conditioning to preserve it but conditioning is a simple procedure.

Once you decide upon the type of leather for your new leather couch or other leather furniture, ask what care you will give it and how often as the type finish you purchase may affect the products and care that you will provide.

Genuine leather furniture is available in a variety of styles, and The Leather Sofa Company only uses aniline dyed, top and full grained premium leathers available in over 120 colors and finishes. This assures you are receiving the finest quality leather furniture available hand-crafted in the USA!

While shopping in Dallas furniture stores, stop by one of our 6 locations and view our products, we will be happy to assist you in your new leather furniture purchase.

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