Styling With Contemporary Custom Leather Furniture

The contemporary style is one of today's most popular choices in decor. Its clean strong lines, well lit open airy spaces and minimalist approach is appealing to a great number of people. Contemporary leather furniture exemplifies the contemporary style with its long lasting and enduring nature and simple beauty.

The sophistication of contemporary style is reflected in its simple color scheme of white, cream, beige, grey, black and tan. The shades of these colors may vary and can display undertones of other colors to add more visual interest.

Large open spaces are a classic with contemporary style. Bare spaces are also an important feature in the contemporary style, using balance to prevent a room from appearing to be under furnished. Clutter and crowding, ruffles, fringe, flowery prints or ornately carved wood are not a part of this style. Contemporary style is sleek, minimalist, sophisticated and neutral.

Contemporary Style | Contemporary Leather Furniture

In a large contemporary room oversized furnishings will fit nicely, but use a scale appropriate to the room's size if it is not. The contemporary room furnishings will take advantage of the room's features such as a nice view, or a fireplace. An example would be to place sleek contemporary leather furniture around a fireplace for cozy conversation or reading.

Contemporary style allows for a lot of choices, it will bend a bit to accommodate a favorite piece that is not quite contemporary. Contemporary style uses metal in visible furniture legs, light fixtures and tables. Metal geometric sculptures are complementary to the style, as are acid washed metal accent walls and tables.

Contemporary homes often have rooms with high ceilings and use contemporary style chandeliers in glass or metal to draw the line of vision down. Popular metals of the style are brushed aluminum, nickel and polished stainless steel.

Recessed lighting, also called cans, is highly popular, and pendant lighting is increasingly being used in new places. No longer relegated to the kitchen, pendant style lighting is appearing over reading nooks for example.

Contemporary style furniture has clean straight lines without curves or decoration. Solid colors or two tone are desired and contemporary leather furniture is more attractive with the style, and more compatible with the emphasis on the function that the style favors.

The bare space between furniture and accessories is basic to the contemporary style. An exception to this is when art work is several small pieces of the same theme, rather than a large painting. In this example, the smaller prints can be placed closely together to bring to mind a larger piece of art. Windows are preferably left bare, but if drapes are used choose light colored sheers or opaque drapes or use blinds. Light is an important feature to the style, and natural light is used to its advantage.

Floors are typically wood, tile or stone. Area rugs are acceptable to reduce noise, as long as they do not cover all of the floor and are solid colored with a border if desired, zebra and leopard skin, white fur, stripes or geometric designs are also acceptable.

Accessories should be kept to a minimum. Use contemporary style art, metal sculptures as previously noted, plants or large bold flowers for example. Keep in mind, the contemporary style is a minimalist style. Don't use large collections or small pieces. Large vases can be used to introduce a spot of bold color, or feel free to use a metal toned vase. Pillows can be of either the neutral tones, or can provide bold color to the room.

Contemporary is all about comfort, form, space, minimalism and function. The bare spaces are to create a highlight for each piece, and keeps it to a minimum so the senses are not engaged with clutter. The contemporary style provides a relaxing space to unwind, a space that requires little dusting and upkeep. It is for this reason that many people choose contemporary leather furniture which requires less upkeep than most people realize.

The Leather Sofa Company offers contemporary leather furniture crafted by hand using the finest materials available. You never have to wonder if you are receiving real leather or vinyl or some other product mislabeled as leather. That is because we only use full grain leather and top grain leathers, the finest and best grades of leather available.

When you select your style, leather color and finish we handcraft your leather furniture one piece at a time, with meticulous crafting and experienced skill. Our goal is to provide you with superbly crafted contemporary leather furniture or any other style that you select, at a reasonable cost. We take pride in the crafting of 100% American Made leather furniture, in order to provide you with a finely crafted, superior piece of contemporary leather furniture that will last for decades. Feel free to drop by and view our leather sofas in Dallas or at any of our 7 showrooms in Texas to view our furniture, styles and leathers.

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