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The majority of leather furniture sold in the United States is imported from China and Italy. Buyers in the market for furniture of any kind, including leather furniture should be aware of the poor quality most of these leather furniture manufacturers are producing. If you're shopping for leather furniture in Dallas knowing the difference in imports and quality made American products can prevent buying poor quality furniture that is not going to hold up.

Many Chinese and Italian manufacturers use inferior materials and it begins with the frame of their products. They use wood that most often isn't hardwood and is not kiln dried. Kiln drying basically heats the wood, drying the moisture from it and killing any insects or larvae that may be inside. Wood that is not kiln dried can warp and shrink and is likely to have insects inside to eat the wood up.

Imported Leather Furniture | Leather Furniture in Dallas

The next problem with most imports wooden frames is how they are affixed. Joints are not glued, screwed nor do they receive a corner block for extra strengthening. Instead most of them are stapled. As movement from sitting on the furniture continues this will cause the staples to work their way out, resulting in a loose arm, or collapse of the seating area which is often made from particle board or plywood but rarely kiln dried hardwood.

You simply can't trust the wood of imports to be strong hardwood, insect free or kiln dried. This inferior wood is what goes into almost every imported leather furniture product, and the poor quality doesn't end there.

China developed a low cost means of making so called "leather furniture". The process uses scraps of leather and ground into pulp; this is then mixed with adhesives, plastic and other materials. It is then extruded onto cloth, paper or cardboard to form sheets and is called bonded leather. It has none of the strength of real leather, rapidly deteriorates, cracks and flakes in as little as two years. It is not at all the quality you expect when you are buying leather furniture in Dallas. The actual content of leather pulp is only 10-20%. It is a cheap means of producing a low quality product called bonded leather.

Bonded leather can be very flammable, will melt when exposed to heat, and can release toxic gases from the plastics and adhesives. It is a laminate or even a composite at best, but in no way is it organic leather. Buyers will do better to steer away from bonded leather when shopping for leather furniture in Dallas.

When you buy from the Leather Sofa Company you can be assured of receiving a quality American made wood frame from first quality woods, and upholstered with the very best leather money can buy, full grain leather or top grain leather aniline dyed for the best color and finish. Our furniture is handcrafted one piece at a time by our talented and experienced artisans in our Lewisville, Texas location.

When you insist upon the best leather furniture in Dallas, buy American from The Leather Sofa Company.

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