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The transitional style of furniture combines elements from both traditional and contemporary styles. It is a style for those who find modern style too cold and unappealing, and traditional style to ornate and old fashioned. The transitional style is often called an "updated classic" because it avoids the ornate characteristics of traditional style, as well as the stark straight lines found in modern contemporary leather furniture. In transitional style the lines may be straight or use soft, sweeping curves without the extremes found in traditional furniture. Shop our transitional furniture under the styles tab to view our selection of transitional leather sofas in Dallas.

Transitional furniture is typically of medium scale to avoid being too large or too small. Wood finishes are typically light in color, as a dark, somber room is never a feature of the transitional style.

Transitional Style | Leather Sofas Dallas

Metal, glass, acrylic may be used for accent but never in full form with transitional style. Leather is the most popular material in the style, and may be distressed to appear more inviting as comfort is a key feature to the style. The focus of the style, as well as the furnishings such as our leather sofas in Dallas is on pure beautiful simplicity.

Colors are neutral, subtle and toned down with a noticeable lack of bright colors. Ivory, tan and beige are most popular providing for a room that is relaxing and uncomplicated. Fabrics are solid color without patterns. The style uses the contemporary minimalism in accessories. Typical colors for a transitional leather couch are taupe, tan, vanilla and other creamy whites or brown leather couches. The Leather Sofa Company provides a wide selection of transitional style quality leather sofas in our Dallas showroom and other locations.

Transitional provides a more casual style and heightened comfort. The formality of its traditional roots is simplified, while its colors and open space speak of its reflection of contemporary style for leather sofas in Dallas.

Minimalist features are used in regards to accessories in the transitional style. Wall art is subdued in color, often photographic in origin rather than colorful paint or print. Simple black frames and the use of white mats are typical of the style.

Use solid color drapes in soft neutral tones and as texture is a feature of the style woven or Roman shades are popular. Hardwood floors are popular, especially in lighter species of wood. If carpet is used select a light neutral shade. Area rugs should use neutral colors or subdued tones and may provide a border or design that provides contrast to the leather furniture for a nice effect. Area rugs provide the opportunity to use texture with Berber, hides and sisal being the most popular.

Lighting should have clean contemporary lines. Allow natural light to enter the room as well, transitional style is all about a peaceful and restful room.

Transitional can be a bit adventurous and utilize some Zen elements, slight Asian influences or even a bit of rustic as long as it is organic in nature such as gently aged wood, stone fireplaces or natural basketry. The key to success is to not mix more than a couple of styles, and to use other style elements lightly.

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