The Truth About Leather Furniture: Dispelling Leather Furniture Myths

Leather furniture is often misunderstood, and a lot of the myths stem from artificial products claiming to be leather, and from the use of vinyl in past decades. When Naugahyde was introduced many people thought they were purchasing leather, only to find out differently as the fabric fell apart. You simply cannot beat durable leather; nothing even comes close in longevity, beauty, comfort and the additional attractiveness it gains as it gracefully ages. Here we address the myths about leather.

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The Truth about Leather

No. 1: "Leather is hot in the summer and cold in the winter."

This is not true. Leather is porous and it breathes. It takes on the temperature of its environment. In the winter when your room is cool and you sit on your leather sofa, it will feel cool. Turn on your homes heat, and in a short time your sofa will be warm as it returns to room temperature. In the summer when the AC is running leather will reach the temperature of the room, likewise if the AC has been cut off leather will reflect the temperature of a hot room.

No. 2: "Children and pets will ruin a leather sofa."

Actually, leather is the best upholstery for holding up to children and pets. It stretches and gives and returns to its normal state just as your skin will. Fabric simply stretches and as the threads rapidly age results in breakage and thinning. Leather care is far easier to provide than most people realize. Leather is easy to maintain and far easier to clean than fabric. Leather does not retain pet odors like fabric does, and it will outlast fabric 4 to 1. When a scratch, tear or puncture does occur, it is much easier to repair the leather than fabric and is less visible. Having a protected finish can provide additional protection and peace of mind.

No. 3: "Leather will fade over time."

The advanced process for dyeing leather today provides a long lasting color that goes throughout the hide. The premium dying process is aniline dye, and even if you do get a scratch, it is less noticeable because the color is same throughout the entire hide. Most leather processors today use organic materials for dye, making leather the perfect choice for those with allergies to synthetic dyes.

When exposed to sun any upholstery will fade, but it will occur in fabric long before leather. It is always best to pull the drapes or shades when the sun shines on any furniture. As an alternative consider having window film applied to windows. It will preserve the view and cut damaging UV light from entering by up to 99%. Not only will it protect your furniture, and your own health, but also carpets, photographs, wood and it will even provide a boost to the energy efficiency of your windows!

No. 4: "Leather requires too much care."

Leather is easier to care for than fabric. Just routinely dry cloth dusting, vacuuming the crevices and bottom is usually all that is required to keep leather looking new. Use a conditioner every six to twelve months and wipe up spills as they occur. Don't use the normal cleaning products on leather. Refer to the recommended care for your product by the manufacturer for further information.

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