Tufted Leather Furniture - Timeless & Trendy

Tufted leather furniture is a timeless classic that is growing in popularity and has become a big trend.

The tufted technique is produced by stitching through layers of material with filling and padding underneath. Heavy thread is used to pull and secure on the leather surface with a knot, ribbon or button. The button may be covered with the same leather to achieve a more subtle effect.

By pulling the thread depressions or dimples are created in the surface where it is pulled in. The raised surfaces that are created in this technique are called tufts. Tufting has been used for centuries, but you will find it on more than just traditional styles. It is equally at home on contemporary leather furniture. Tufted leather furniture can look elegant, masculine, alluring or subtle. The style of furniture, color and shape as well as texture will play a major role in creating the effect you desire.

With the high and low points of tufting, visual interest can be added with shadows and points of light, this effect can be enhanced by color choice. Furniture can have a lot of tufting, or only on the back or arms. For even greater visual interest diamond tufting creates a pattern that adds extra dimension.

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Tufted Leather Furniture

True tufting and biscuit tufting is a technique incorporating a deep pleat in the leather between the tufts. The dimpling of the surface, or tufts are generally spaced 6 to 8 inches apart creating the shape of a diamond or a square.

Button-back is similar to tufting, with the difference being that the stich is not taken as deeply, and does not create a pleat with the shallower indentations.

Nailheads can be used with tufting for a more rugged or masculine appearance. Welting can also be used with tufting.

If you want tufted leather furniture to appear more modern choose contrasting buttons or welting.

The leather couch and chairs will often use a tufted back with a solid seat for comfort. Tufting will increase the firmness of furniture regardless to how soft it may look. With a tufted back, a pillow may be used for a softer back support, while the seat remains smooth and soft for comfort.

The firmness of tufting makes it great for ottomans. The firmness of full tufting enables them to be used as a surface for trays while providing extra seating for guests.

Want the elegance of tufting and the look of age? Choose a tufted leather sofa with distressed leather. Add a rustic element to old world elegance with vintage steamer trunks doubling up as a coffee table, and use the trunk for storage.

If you want comfort and the elegance of tufting, choose a design with tufting on the arms, and light button tufting across the back. After all, there is no reason why you can't have the best of both worlds.

Tufting is here to stay, it never truly went away. With premium leathers in over 120 colors and finishes from The Leather Sofa Company you can have the style you dream of, the color you envision with the elegance, long lasting beauty and fine craftsmanship of our handmade leather furniture.

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