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Tuscan style is elegantly charming and draws upon the colors of nature, specifically those of a Tuscan countryside. The old world-European flavor of Tuscany brings to mind gently aged, warm colorful rooms with lots of drama and style.

The characteristics of Tuscan design include stucco, terra cotta tiles, mosaic tiles, iron scrolling, exposed wooden beams, decorative ceilings and accessories with lots of pattern and bright colors. The elements of nature and warm colors make excess decoration unnecessary and avoid the feeling of clutter to a room that will fill the eyes and warm the heart in its purest Tuscan form.

The Tuscan color palette is nature inspired, and is generally saturated in color. Rusty reds, orange and the gold's of a sunset, the green of trees and leaves of vineyards, and both bright yellow and subdued buttery tones of sunlight, the burgundy of grapes, pale tans of wheat fields and hay, soft shades of water and the cobalt blue of summer Italian skies. The warm browns of the earth and cream colors of natural stone provide an earthy grounding.

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Tuscan Style

Wall Treatments

Walls are textured, Venetian plaster and sponging techniques will add visual interest to Tuscan walls, with Venetian plaster providing light reflection with its addition of glazing and adds an upgrade in class to a room.

Furniture and Lighting

Tuscan style commonly uses wrought iron in architecture, furniture and lighting with dramatic chandeliers of iron. Love Tuscan style but hate wrought iron? Look for lighting in finishes of antique bronze, copper or antiqued gold tones. Italian glass is a luxurious and beautiful addition to Tuscan style.

Furniture is comfortable, and while fabric upholstery is often seen in Tuscan rooms leather furniture elevates the class and beauty of the Tuscan style. Tuscan style rooms with distressed leather couches give the appearance of a finished room, and an elevation of the class Tuscan is the symbol of.

The Leather Sofa Company offers over 120 colors and finishes of full grain and top grain leathers. The colors of Ademo Buttercream, Ademo Caramel, Baltic Saddle, Giovanni Lino, Nouveau Straw as well as other color choices will be a beautiful accompaniment to any Tuscan style room.

Tuscan Room 2

Full on Tuscan style, I would exchange the green chairs to the right with rich caramel or Baltic saddle colored leather chairs. The table in the center is almost a sentinel, remove it and the open room will appear more inviting.

Tuscan style has much to offer any space when you want to add warm earthy elements and a touch of old world class. You can use Tuscan accents to elevate many styles, without going full Tuscan.

Tuscan Room 2

Subdued tones and hints of Tuscany accompany eleganttufted leather couches.

Tuscan style elements can blend seamlessly with many styles, including French Country, Rustic, Traditional and Contemporary. As you can see in the picture below, a stone fireplace blends right in. Tuscan is nature inspired, and allows a great many adaptations and blending while remaining beautiful.

Tuscan Room 2

Tuscan elements have been tastefully added to this room

The Leather Sofa Company has a large selection of styles and leathers to provide the perfect leather furniture for your dream Tuscan, or Tuscan inspired room.

Our fine handcrafted leather furniture is entirely made in the USA, using only premium full-grain leather and top grain leathers died with premium with aniline dyes. When you want the very best American made leather furniture, visit The Leather Sofa Company. Browse through our selections online, or visit our furniture store in Lewisville, TX, or any of our 5 showrooms located in Texas, USA.

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