The Versatility of Tufted Leather Furniture

Today's tufted leather sofa comes in all styles and forms. Many people consider tufted leather furniture to be elegantly masculine and picture it in dark colored club chairs or a dark Chesterfield.

However, the tufted leather sofa or any other tufted furniture, need not appear only masculine. The fact is the frame, the leather, color and finish selected will create a different look and effect upon a room. Tufting can be used on almost any style. To further expand upon the possibilities of the influence of a tufted leather sofa let's look a little further into what tufting is.

There are different types of tufting, and the most common are diamond, biscuit and button back.

Versatile Style| Tufted Leather Sofa

Diamond Tufting and Biscuit Tufting

True tufting creates a deep pleat between the tufts, forming a diamond or biscuit (square) pattern with tufts about 6 to 8 inches apart. Tufted leather furniture requires more leather than furniture with a flat surface and will cost more due to this.

Button-back Styles

Button-back upholstery is similar tufting. A stitch is taken between the top layers of padding to create a shallow dimple without the pleats of tufting. The buttons are covered in leather, and a contrasting color of leather may be used for buttons along with welting for a tailored look or to accent the furniture's lines.

Tufting and button back adds a dimensional element and visual interest to furniture from the shadowing and/or layering of the technique.

As to the "masculine" element of the Chesterfield style sofa or club chairs it is primarily due to the typical deep brown leathers they are upholstered in. when you view them in other colors, it becomes apparent that other effects are possible.

Shades of white, blue, yellow, pink or even red will create a more feminine appearance. Red can appear masculine or feminine depending upon the style of the room surrounding it. Most people shy away from a red leather couch, yet it can be the perfect accompaniment to a room themed for racing or other sports. A red leather couch can also create a beautifully romantic room with wispy drapes, satin pillows, dramatic crystal chandeliers and roses. Add tufting to a red leather and it can either deepen the masculinity or the romance, while imparting affluence and class to either room.

Next, picture the tufted leather sofa in white leather within a more contemporary room. It becomes non-gender, an elegant feature within the spacious minimalist contemporary setting. These examples illustrate how color can directly impact the visual expectation and response of furniture. Tufting like any other furniture, will be influenced upon the characteristics of leather, such as the color, the finish, type and the d?cor surrounding it.

If you are looking for a sofa that defines classic elegance a traditional tufted leather sofa may be what you are looking for. The traditional tufted leather sofa is often called a Chesterfield sofa and when the term 'tufting' is used, it is the Chesterfield as well as club chairs that typically is the first thing that comes to most people's minds.

Tufting however, isn't limited to the elegant Chesterfield style sofas that project luxury and affluence so well. Tufting is used on many styles of leather furniture, and those not in the Chesterfield style typically use less tufting to conform to a different style. This enables the appearance of a more contemporary or traditional style in appearance. There are a few exceptions where a style will utilize full tufting on the back but not the bottom for example

Tufted furniture can greatly enhance a room's appearance and mood. The addition of nail heads, the type of stitching and other options available will greatly refine the appearance of tufted leather furnishings for a more custom finish.

The tufted leather sofa, loveseat, chair or chaise can elevate many room styles. It lends elegance to living rooms, offices, powder rooms, spas, libraries, clubs and more. When tufting is used on chairs and ottomans it will add elegance as well as comfort, to mega walk-in closets and dressing rooms as well as the living room.

There is no danger of tufting falling out of style any time soon. Tufting has a place among the more modern of today's styles and the tufted leather sofa is likely to remain a popular option for many years to come.

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