Leather Cleaner

Leather Sofa Co. Leather Cleaner is specifically designed for most types of leathers.

Leather is a natural product which can last many years with proper care and cleaning. Periodically dust with a dry, non-abrasive cloth. Remove spills and body oils with a lightly moistured cloth and allow to dry. Avoid rubbing and scrubbing.

Some leathers will not tolerate any cleaning/conditioning products, so always pre-test on a hidden area before use. Any damages done by cleaning/conditioning products are not covered by any warranties, so use with caution.

Avoid placing leather in direct sunlight and near heat sources. Do not use unapproved cleaning/conditioning products. For moderate to severe damage, seek professional advice.

During application, leather color will darken, but then return to original color after drying.



Test cleaner on a hidden area for color fastness. Allow to dry completely. Inspect. Use with caution since damage or changes to the leather are not covered by warranties, expressed or implied.

1. Spray cleaner on a clean, soft sponge; squeeze repeatedly to create foam/suds.

2. Apply cleaner over the entire leather panel seam to seam. DO NOT SCRUB.

3. Allow the surface to dry completely before using any other leather treatment products.

4. Always apply leather conditioner after cleaning.

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